If anyone tells me life gets simpler as we grow, I’m so going to tell him bluff. It gets tougher and tougher. My mind has been overclouded with too much things and I needed something to distract me. Something that will not need me to be online. And I was at Junction 8 and found this!

I love craft and I love to color/ paint. Sadly I suck at drawing. I’m so glad I found this Paint It Yourself set. It’s like those coloring book for kids where you follow the numbers and fill the spaces with colors. But this is a little more advance. Painting on canvas with acrylic paint. On the left is how the package looks like.

Inside the pack comes all the things necessary for the fun. Except container for water and cloth to clean the brush.

The picture is printed on the canvas mounted with frame, and the paint comes with matching numbers. Simply fill the spaces with the colors.

It looks simple enough till I tried it! Brush is hard to control and my straight lines are never straight. Guess my first piece of PIY isn’t going to be perfect. But well, which Art is?

I’m looking forward to more PIY projects in months to come! Will share my completed work when its done.

Here’s their Facebook Page if you’re interested to see the other designs.

My completed PIY Project #1!