Its time for Giveaway at!

This time, I’m giving away one brand new unopened (means unassembled) Gakkenflex Camera to one lucky winner! I had my hands to assemble one some time back and the first and only roll till date turned out rather disappointing. But still its a very cool camera to assemble and shoot with!

To make this more fun, I’m adding a little tasks this time round to the giveaway. Instead of submitting your details to me and me picking a winner, you’ll have to show my readers and me a creative shot taken by you. It can be on instagram, flickr, twitter, facebook or any photo sharing sites.

  1. TAG your photo with #claudia10
  2. Post a comment below this post with link to your photo
  3. Fill up the comment with your real name and email
  4. Wait for my congratulation email one week from the closing date

Closing date for this giveaway will be on 16 April 2011 at 2359hrs.

Got the drill?

Not let’s see some pretty pictures!

4 Replies to “Giveaway: DIY Gakkenflex Camera”

  1. Flickr link and photo tagged with #claudia10:
    Name: Choo Pei Ting

    This is a giveaway entry to Claudia the Panda’s “Giveaway: DIY Gakkenflex Camera” over at!

    This shot was taken at a vintage toy museum in Singapore, I wanted to capture how beautiful objects from our ordinary life are, when you stop and take a second look. At first I did not notice this vintage light bulb that was rather, dull amongst all the other beautiful vintage toys in the museum. However a few minutes later, it started to flicker and crackle with warmth, and I stood still in amazement, taking in with giddy delight and admiration at how delicately beautiful it looked. I thus, without hesitation, captured the light bulb at its best, and this is one of my favorite shots to date as it gives me a sense of hope whenever i look at this photo.

    Thus I hope that I can win the DIY Gakkenflex Camera that lovely Claudia the Panda is so kindly giving away, to take more of such shots with a different camera, in a whole new perspective. and of course, if i were to be as lucky to win the camera, i’ll post up how awesome the DIY Gakkenflex Camera is on my blog at, and post up photos that are taken from it. Thank you Claudia the Panda for holding this amazing giveaway ♥♥♥!

  2. oh nice – a friend had this for his birthday present – tried fixing it up – took him 2 hours! lolx :)

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