That’s what I told myself three years back when I decided to stop thinking about being my own boss and just get it going! There never was a dull moment during this journey and I cannot see myself working for others in the near future. Its like eating your favorite chips, once you start munching, you just don’t want to stop.

I’m sure, everyone at some point in life will have thought of starting on its own before. Ideas are limitless and if only resources are so too. When one starts to ponder further into the business idea, the risk, the amount of time needed, the rental, the seed money to get it going and all other elements fill your mind, and one ends up continue living life as it is. Business idea left on the shelf and never touched.

If you are like that, here’s your chance to find that idea book, blow away the dust and get working on it! Your chance is here to win the Ultimate Start-Up Space located along Boon Tat Street, a nice place to get your business started. Best part? It’s free for a year plus you’ll receive funding support and training by experts to guide you through the journey. $20,000 isn’t going to be enough for a business to get going? Well, get all your friends, families, supporters to help! Martell will have the platform for the finalists to crowdsource for more funds to kick start the business. You’ll never know how much the ultimate seed fund is going to be!

As I’m typing this, my mind’s filled with so many possibilities already! I’m going to try my luck in this for sure! Join me and the many more dreamers in this journey to win our chance to own and kick off our business idea at The Ultimate Start-Up Space!

More details can be found on their website.