Two years of silence, half a year of hard work and many more years ahead; that’s the life of RediscoverSG. A site like this cannot be done overnight. The crew behind works very hard to put together the content in a way that engages you as much as they can.

Pictures speak a thousand words, and I believe videos speak much more than that. Publishing a site with eye catching photos and short bites of the topic in video isn’t child play. I’m very proud of what the crew have done and achieved. And now, shortlisted as one of the Top 10 finalists in OMY Singapore Blog Awards 2011, it shows that their hard work is being recognized. Winning it is going to be a bonus for the crew.

RediscoverSG on OMY Singapore Blog Awards 2011

Please do go take a look at RediscoverSG and see why this group of young Singaporeans deserve our support and votes. If you love it as much as we do, hope you can spare a few seconds everyday from now till 3 July, to vote for RediscoverSG for Best Photography Blog in OMY Singapore Blog Awards 2011.

Vote for RediscoverSG on OMY Singapore Blog Awards 2011

I’ll be voting everyday. Hope you will too. :)

If you haven’t met the crew behind RediscoverSG, here they are… Song, Jeremy, Derek and Lizzy.

2 Replies to “Support Needed – RediscoverSG in OMY Singapore Blog Awards 2011”

  1. I love Rediscover SG! Have been visiting the site regularly since I first read about it on your blog and I must say that the team has been doing a fantastic job. Exchanged a couple of emails with Lizzy and she’s been supportive of some ideas that I’ve suggested. Can’t wait to see the launch of their mini series soon.

    Good luck on the blog nomination! I’ve also been nominated but in another category… just trying to bask in the fun and enjoy while it lasts! :p

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