Everyone in the household, except my parents, owns an iPad. That makes 5 iPads laying around at home. Daily, you’ll expect to find at least one of us laying on our back or lounging at a corner with an iPad in our lap; either reading news or watching movies. Its become our way of entertainment and relaxation.

Our daily routine is now made more comfortable and relaxing with the addition of Targus Lap Lounge in the household. Its being shared among all of us and it is so much less straining to our neck, back or lap when we use our iPad for long hours.

The Lap Lounge comes with a soft comfy bean bag as base for resting on the lap and even on your tummy (when laying down). It holds the iPad or tablet at various angle and fits both landscape and portrait viewing.

Targus Lap Lounge for iPad and Tablet also comes with a small pocket for cable storage and a slot for stylus.

Overall we love the Targus Lap Lounge for iPad and Tablet. Its available in store and retailing at $89.90. Its great for kids with iPads too!