Just 20 minutes ago, a guy who claimed to be from NYP knocked on the door selling a nano toothbrush which he claimed to be designed by his team and manufactured in Korea. He seemed sincere and real, and I thought why not just buy two from him at $10 and support my fellow junior from Nanyang Polytechnic.

I was asking him about his concept and business idea etc, and he replied with no hesitation. His story for selling the toothbrush from door-to-door is so that he can collect data for his business proposal for big supermarkets to accept their products for sale in their stores. He even shared how he and his team of 10 friends came together to design and develop this nano toothbrush that has soft and hard bristles and is able to prevent bacteria and dirt from accumulating in between the bristles…. even how they planned to create their own brand and company… the story just all sounded right.

Without any doubt, I took out $10 and bought two toothbrush from him. Thereafter I asked for his contact so that I can reach him should I want to buy more. He directed me to the website printed on the packaging – niulifetrend.com, which is an empty site!

With help from our best friend Google, I found this!

What he said about the design from his team, manufactured in Korea and what not are all lies! A set of four toothbrush (the EXACT same one) is only selling at $3.90! I feel so cheated and stupid. My good intention to help and support young entrepreneurs left me feeling damn stupid. Super big #FAIL!

Hello Mr Nano Toothbrush, you are a fantastic salesman and you will do great in the sales industry. Kudos to your sales pitch.