Its year 2012 and most things have gone digital. I cannot leave without my connectivity to my digital life. Having live two weeks of my life, for the first time since I was twelve, without a decent connection to the Internet; it drove me NUTS. Almost tore up all my hair whenever I try to connect online with the none existence 3G network on my mobile. And finally today my life is back “LIVE” again with the installation of the M1 fiber broadband at home. Hurray!

Though I am living most part of my life in the digital way, ask me anytime what my preferred note taking method is, I’ll shout “Pen and Paper!”. I tried note taking with touch typing on the iPhone and iPad, tried using various note taking apps on the iPad writing with stylus but nothing beats the good old pen and paper. Sketching, scribbling, quick to-do list, doodling, mindmapping, note taking and all kind of brainstormings; I cannot leave without my notebook and pen.

The only frustration I have with this part of my none digital life – finding what I noted in all the various notebooks I have!

Flipping through pages and books trying to find that one piece of memo is frustrating. I’d wished I can “Spotlight” (search) through those hardcopy pages and find those keywords. This frustration is soon to be gone forever! Thanks to Evernote and moleskin.

Moleskin x Evernote Smart Notebook

Your notes can now be with your forever and is searchable too! A collaboration between Moleskin and Evernote, the Evernote Smart Notebook pairs seamlessly with the Evernote App for iOS devices. With a simple snapshot taken within Evernote’s App, handwritten words and sketches found inside the new Evernote Smart Notebook are instantly transformed into searchable, sharable and permanent Everynote memories.

The rules or squared page styles in the Evernote Smart Notebooks are optimized for snapshots taken with Evernote’s new Page Camera feature for the iOS devices. The Page Camera corrects perspective and improves contrast between the ink or graphite and the Smart Notebook’s pages to create notes that can be viewed, searched and shared at any time from within Evernote.

Moleskin x Evernote Smart Notebook
Smart Stickers

These Evernote Smart Notebooks also comes with Smart Stickers that can be customized into different tags in Evernote. The iOS app’s page camera recognizes these stickers and automatically categorizes the digitzed page in Evernote. So instead of manually entering tags for your notes, the Smart Stickers help you do the job for you. There are 6 different Smart Stickers that means your most used 6 tags can be tagged on your physical notes with the stickers and then tagged digitally in Evernote. Sadly these Smart Stickers are not available for none iOS users who are using Evernote app on their phone.

The Evernote Smart Notebook is available in two sizes. The large (A5 size) ones are going at S$41 and the pocket size ones are going at S$30 at Kinokuniya or at The price also includes 3 months of subscription to the Premium features on Evernote. Monthly subscription for Evernote Premium is $5.98. Premium subscriptions from the Evernote Smart Notebooks are stackable, meaning if you are super note taker and bought many of the notebooks, you can literally use the premium Evernote features for free. Just keep taking notes and keep stacking!