This blog is so outdated. There isn’t much to write about these days, except for the sharing of press releases which I seriously still have second thoughts of doing. I know some blogs are doing very well just by sharing press releases and categorizing them nicely. But but but… *shrugs*

Just checked my google analytics after many many months, and its comforting to see that the traffic is still going well. Many old posts are still very much relevant and well searched. Bulk of it are on my traveling and staycation posts. I need more time and money to do more of that.

If you are from a PR agency and reading this, here are some useful statistics for your reference and consideration. If it doesn’t impress you, please do not waste your time and mine to pitch your clients to me. It happened too often lately and I really *shake head* when some of you simply just stopped replying my questions half way through the discussions. I’m not asking for money from you (I know you don’t have any budget), just asking for more time for product reviews (cos I am working full-time like you) and perhaps some products samples to giveaway (I want to help you increase reach too). If its that hard to tell me, “Sorry we can’t do that, are you still keen to proceed…” so hard to type in words?

Anyway, here are the statistics that you can use for your pitch and reports:

  • Average monthly pageviews: 4,000
  • Average monthly unique views: 3,500
  • Average page per visit: 2.3
  • Top content: Travel, Staycations in Singapore, Product reviews and Food postings

To contact me, please send them via this contact form.