Uber free ride to Echelon 2013Uber is an iOS and Android app which allows you to request for an on-demand private driver regardless of your location.

For those attending Echelon 2013, all you have to do is sign up for an account on your iOS or Android device and select Max Atria as your end venue, which the promotion is pegged to. Each attendee will receive a free S$50 usage which you can either spend on a single trip or split it into two trips with each having a S$25 value. To help you better understand how you can use the app to make your Echelon experience better, e27 included a short tutorial here.

I’ve tried Uber once, out of desperation as it was raining during super peak hours and I was late for work. I downloaded the app and requested for a ride, my ride took 25 minutes exactly (as stated on the request) to travel from MBS to my place in Punggol. The driver alighted from the black Mercedes and opened the door for me to enter. The ride was smooth and the driver was very polite. I did not have to dig out change to make payment when I arrive at my destination and the driver will open the door for you to alight too. Whole experience was great, the only sad part is the bill. With a 1.5 times surcharge for super peak hour ride, my ride totaled to SGD61!

Still Uber is a very cool and useful app to have in the phone, cause you’ll never know when you will need a ride urgently but has no cab available for call.


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