I happened to be buying lunch for my friends at work one day who wanted BK burgers, so I decided to get my favorite mushroom swiss burger. The auntie at the counter suggested I upsize my meal as I’ll get a free notepad which contain discount coupons for future BK meal purchase. I proceeded with her suggestion, got my meals, paid and left. Only when I was out of the mall then I realized she had forgotten my notepad. Too lazy to walk back, so I just left as it was.

BK Experience

Back at the office, this BK post appeared in my feed, so I just casually posted a comment to let them know what happened. Didn’t expect them to do anything since it was a small case. But I got a reply and I followed up with them, just to see how far BK will go to recover a customer experience.

So I replied to them via PM through their page two days later…

Hi, the outlet is the one at City Square mall. Was at the store around 11.40am on 10 May, Fri. The auntie suggested I upsize to get the coupon but she forgot and I only found out after I left the mall.
My mobile: 9xxxxxxx.


And on the same day, someone from the City Square outlet called to offer to send the notepad to me or I can head down to collect from the store. I told her I’ll SMS my mailing address to her later; and I forgot! In the evening, she sent an SMS to remind me and I’m happy to see that Burger King staff is willing to go to such extend for their service recovery.

BK Experience

Seeing that they are sending a staff just to deliver a small notepad to me instead of via standard mail, I decided not to let them do it. I don’t like to trouble people lah, sending someone to send a small notepad is just too much effort. I’m happy as it is. So I replied…

BK Experience

And this was what I got in reply…

BK Experience

I am very pleased and thankful for BK and their staff to want to make a customer happy. This is what I call good customer service and decided to share this with everyone. Too often we see complains and bad feedback passing around, I hope good things like this will be shared more often too.

Thank you Burger King for your kind gesture and I’ll continue to support your burgers of course. Who else got better tasting Mushroom Swiss and Onion Rings right? ;)