After years with my Canon S95, I recently switched to an Olympus E-P3. Yes! A PEN! In between this and the S95, I bought and then sold off a Canon Powershot G1X. That camera didn’t quite fit into my lifestyle and needs so for the longest time I’ve been shooting (almost) everything with my mobile phone.

Now that I’ve got the Olympus E-P3, things are going to be different. I’m bringing it with me whenever I’m out with my family and friends. Never know when you’ll find chance to snap some pretty photos!

I bought this during the PC Show weekend, and they were having some special bundles with every purchase. Also during that period, they announced the pre-ordering of their latest and even better E-P5. So this old model, the E-P3 was on a very special deal. I got all of the above at just $630 + $37 for the filter.

Before I headed out to Cathay Photo at Marina Square, and after some quick research online, my mind was set to get the E-PL5. At the store, I tried both the models and the E-P3 just felt better and more comfortable for my huge hands. After some quick calculation (E-P3 bundle with more things and at much cheaper price) I paid for the cheaper and older model. Still I think both are equally as good with some minimum differences.

Things I love about the E-P3:

  • The whole look of a PEN – classic and stylish
  • The touchscreen that allows me to focus and snap at the same time
  • The many Scenes and Art filters
  • Ability to change lens (just means more money will be spent on improving my gear!)
  • Compact size
  • Great image quality – better than the S95 and much much better than my mobile phone

So far I’ve only used it for a day since I bought it, but with the upcoming break I’m giving myself, there will surely be much more snapping and nice photos! Can’t wait to snap more with the E-P3!