Was having dinner at BBQ Chicken (Rivervale Mall) on Monday and we each ordered chicken meals that came with choices of two sides each. This outlet serves their Premium Cafe Menu and everything in there looks good.

For him, he ordered Hot Hot Drum set with Calamari and Cheese Sticks.

BBQ Chicken Dinner

For myself, it was the Korean Traditional Charboiled chicken with Shrimp Olive Rice and Mashed Potato.

2013-07-01 19.28.40

Spotted something amiss in any of the above photos?

They’ve got his side orders wrong!

His order was for Calamari and Cheese Sticks but it was served with Shrimp Olive Rice and Mashed Potato. This happened even when the waiter repeated our order while at our table. Must have keyed in wrong info when entering into their POS system.

When the waitress came with his order and knowing that it was wrong, she walked back to the kitchen with the food. We presumed she will remove the chicken and replace the side dishes (and in the end may make the plate of food less pleasing to the eye), but instead she came back with the original plate (untouched) and said they will give us the Calamari and Cheese Sticks too. He ended up with 4 side dishes at no extra charge.

By doing this small gesture (which doesn’t cost much at all to them) they made their customer happy.

Thanks for the good effort and kind gesture. We’ll be back again.