Are you a battery sucker like me? My mobile phone is my communication tool, my camera, my entertainment, my photo album and so much more. Guess many folks out there have the same problem too – we cannot leave home without our mobile phone. And when the battery run out, we panic.

To prevent from any unnecessary panic attack, I carry around a spare with me. One that is slim and slick and has no cable dangling from it!

The PowerSkin® stick it and go battery charger has been very handy. Though it doesn’t charge 100% on my Samsung Galaxy Note 2, it still provides approximately 65% of the battery when I use it to charge upon seeing the low battery warning.

Design of this battery is pretty unique. I’ve used couple of such charger and this is one that attaches itself very well during a charge. It fits and sticks to the back of your phone. No more USB cable dangling and additional boxy battery to hold while messaging on the go.

The PowerSkin® Hybrid features small, flexible suction cups that adhere externally to mobile devices and connect via an interchangeable tip to a Micro-USB or Apple Lightning connector. This is one of the world’s
first and widely anticipated Apple MFI-approved external battery chargers for iPhone 5 available immediately.

The Hybrid by PowerSkin® for iPhone 5 is priced at S$ 79.90 and Hybrid for Micro-USB devices is priced at S$69.90 (inclusive of GST). It is now available at EpiCentre, Challenger, GainCity, Newstead, Nubox, Infinite, Gadget World, Harvey Norman and Mustafa.