Nakamichi, the renowned Japanese high fidelity audio company with the most comprehensive range of portable
Bluetooth speakers, has launched a new line-up for more immersive and interactive music experience, anytime and anywhere.

The new range features 5 exciting new portable Bluetooth speakers:

Nakamichi NBS7

Fun, Style and Function for the Home (SRP S$119 inc. GST)
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The NBS7 provides great music experience in a unique pineapple-like design. The NBS7 features a built-in passive radiator that improves the internal air pressure fluctuations, thus providing better sound quality
and overall music experience.

In addition, the NBS7 includes a built-in microphone that supports phone calls and allows you to enjoy hands-free function when switching between calls and listening to your favorite playlist. With Bluetooth profiles that are compatible across audio-visual equipment and headsets, the Nakamichi NBS7 is the perfect Bluetooth speaker to jazz
up your home.

Nakamichi NBS8

Intelligent Wireless Speaker for seamless music experience (SRP S$169 inc. GST)
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Forget about remote controls or cables, the new Nakamichi NBS8 wireless Bluetooth speaker features smart motion sensors control and sensitive touch keys to provide you with the ultimate music experience.

Switching between songs can never be easier with the Smart Motion Sensors Control. In a wave-like motion, songs can be switched seamlessly and with a light touch on the sensitive touch keys, you are able to pick up incoming calls effortlessly. Furthermore, the NBS8 will inform you of the number calling through before you decide to pick up
that call.

With a built-in MicroSD slot, simply load your favorite playlists into a SD card and enjoy up to 5 hours of non-stop playback. The NBS8 built-in microphone provides you with more convenience and hands-free function for audio conferences. It is the perfect Bluetooth speaker for videoconferences, video chat or outings with your friends and families.

Nakamichi NBS9

Near-Field Communications speaker (SRP S$129 inc. GST)
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The NBS9 is a lightweight Bluetooth speaker with NFC (Near-Field Communication) technology, an increasingly popular short-range wireless interaction that can intelligently detect the proximity of the pairing device before deciding the type of pairing connection. If a device is at close proximity, a NFC connection will be established. Once the
device is in not within the specific range, Bluetooth pairing connection will then be activated. NFC technology is a faster and simplier connection that runs on lower power compared to Bluetooth.

Nakamichi NBS10

Baseball-like Bluetooth speakers (SRP S$179 inc. GST)

[box type=”1″ class=”rounded-5 shadow” width=”100%”]The dimunitive baseball-like Nakamichi NBS10 wireless Bluetooth Speaker is set to charm your crowd. Where most Bluetooth speakers have only one-inch driver units, the NBS10 features a two-inch driver unit in each speaker, which is set to manage audio like a maestro.

With a wireless working of up to 10 meters, the NBS10 operates in both stereo and individual mode. This allows positioning of the NBS10 at specific spots to obtain the best stereo sound effects. With up to 7 hours of playback time, the NBS10 is the perfect audio companion for parties and outdoor events.

Nakamichi “my SoundBox BT” NBS711 speakers

(SRP S$119 inc. GST)
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The Nakamichi “my SoundBox BT” is a portable, all-round Bluetooth speaker that makes the best out of your investments. With a built-in microphone, “my SoundBox BT” allows you to play your songs and pick up your phone calls with your mobile devices. At almost half the price of most wireless speakers in the market, the “my SoundBox BT” delivers
high clarity conversations and quality music experience where you can enjoy every audio nuance when listening to your favorite playlist.

The Nakamichi NBS10 and “my SoundBox BT” Bluetooth speaker are now available at Tangs, Technobay Level 3, HMV, iSound@T2, eHub@T3, Challenger and other premium Nakamichi authorized resellers, while the Nakamichi NBS7, NBS8 and NBS9 will be available in the same outlets from November 30, 2013 onwards.