[image type=”bottom” align=”center” width=”500″ caption=”Try riding on these chic YikeBikes”]YikeBike in action at OCBC Centre[/image]
Hey I know those guys! That’s Nick and Alvin.

The radically designed YikeBike aims to be an alternative urban transport solution. The handlebars are positioned behind the rider, below the seat. Some users enjoy its openness and great visbility; others cannot get used to the absence of a handlebar in front of them. Find out how you fare on this modern version of the Penny-farthing. OCBC Card-members get up to 15% off for YikeBike and other accessories.

[box]YikeBike photo contest on Instagram
Upload your photo to Instagram or Facebook with hashtag #OCBCCards and stand a chance to win an mPowerPad Plus 2 (worth $169)!

Remember to make your profile and post public. You can’t be in the running if we can’t find you! [/box]

Great for the hardcore outdoor folks! Go give YikeBike a try and snap some photos while at it! The Urban Chic YikeBike by evHUB pop-up store happening at OCBC Centre from 17 to 21 March 2014.

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