So you think you have the power to influence?

I dare you to give influr a try! Connect your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to your influr profile and let their algorithm determine just how influential you are! And if you think high followings is enough, then you’re going to be in for a big shock!

[box]influr measures your ability to drive reactions on the content you created on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. The more actions your receive on your posts, the higher your influence will be. This is great if you are actively engaging your followers and connections, cos that means you’ll probably have got many Likes and comments going on in your postings. These will give you more power in influr than say someone who have 3X your followers but no likes nor comments. Oh! And you’ve got to be constantly active to keep your influence level! influr refreshes every three months to recalculate their community of influences.

Influr ranks influencers

You start from being Elementary, then being Respected then probably become Popular. And if you are the super super communicator, you get the highest Elite status![/box]

So what if I’ve got high influence scoring on influr? What do I get?

Your influence will give you access to Treats (influr’s signature rewards program) from brands. And if you are truly influential (i.e. being Popular or an Elite), you may even get selected to become a Brand Advocate for influr’s partners through Assignments (influr’s brand campaigns). 

What are Treats?

Treats can range from getting discount off purchases from influr’s partners offerings. E.g. Redeem for a US$30 dining voucher at lower price according to your influr status…
US$23.75 for Elementary influencers
US$22.50 for Popular influencers
US$20.00 for Respected influencers
US$17.50 for Elite influencers

What are Assignments?

For this, you got to become an Elite Influencer then you may get selected to represent influr’s brand partners, receive exclusive access to events, products or services, and get awarded fees for each completed Assignment.

So what does Claudia think about influr?

Well, from the looks of it now, it focuses a lot more on the micro influencer and gives a chance to everybody with a decent and active social network online to get a chance to become a influencer. No longer you need to have a popular high traffic blog to get to become a “Famous Blogger” or an influencer worth engaging, anyone can do it even without a blog. This I believe is the way to go, seriously, how many still reads blogs everyday? Blogs are great for search engine traffic and social sharing, but that’s it. I’m not saying we should stop blogging, blogs are still great for sharing of content and experiences online, but the most influential bit comes only if posts get shared beyond the owner. Seriously, it is SUPER tough (at least for me) to maintain a regular blog. But everybody shares and posts daily on social networks!

Go check out influr and see how influential you are in your own rights!

Ok! Wait! So how did Claudia know about influr? Got super power ah?

Of course not! They had a digital influencer preview few days before launch and I’m lucky to have been at the event, which was held at Marriott’s trendy and intimate al-fresco restaurant by the pool. The place was nice and quite romantic at night. Everything was pretty chill until it started to rain… oh well! For those who’s keen to check out the place, can go try their Lazy Sunday Brunch…


Lazy Sunday Brunch at Pool Grill, Marriott

Enjoy the Lazy Sunday Brunch, the delicious a la carte menu boasts no-to-be-missed signature dishes such as Chilli Crab omelette, and Banana Pancakes with coconut cream and gula melaka! A quiet moment is difficult to find in an active city as busy as Singapore, much less at the core of it. Tucked away by the outdoor pool on level five in Singapore Marriott Hotel, Pool Grill has a main dining floor and a Poolside terrace pavilion that seats 40 diners. Combined with nightfall, the setting adds a romantic vibrancy that dinners easily extend late into the evening.[/box]

Also at the launch was Laneige, being one of the first few brand partners of influr, they were at the preview to share more about their latest BB Cushion with SPF50+.



Laneige is one of the fastest growing premium cosmetic brands which completes the beauty of women by pursuing the artistic sensibility of Water Science to help women achieve the radiant, dewy skin they have always longed for. Laneige Homme is the range of sophisticated cosmetics for urban men with fast-acting moisture energy that benefits damaged skin care and skin protection.

Their BB Cushion SPF50+ is a new-concept cushion-type whitening BB for 6 effects – Whitening + Moisturizing + Sunscreen + Water resistant + Soothing + Makeup Effects.

You can find out more here.[/box]

I was gifted a BB Cushion at the event, and since Claudia is known to be a lazy women a no-make-up woman, I am giving it away!


Here’s how to win the Laneige BB Cushion SPF50+ in #21 Natural beige

Just tell me you want the BB Cushion and tag a friend on any of the following posts…
On Facebook
On Twitter (Please RT and tag @claudia10)
On Instagram
A random winner will be picked on 1 April to receive this Laneige BB Cushion worth $50++.[/box]