Eubiq World’s Most Flexible Power Outlet System

Here’s 3 reasons why you should get the Eubiq power outlet system for your home.

It looks great and super flexible

No more ugly looking extension chords around the room.

It is child’s proof

The track is designed to be safe even when the power point is switched on. From the cross-section of the track, you see the 3 touch-points required to transmit power are only connectable by the special Eubiq adaptors. Even if you or your child were to poke the finger through, no electricity will be transmitted through as the earth and neutral points are not connected.

Fully customisable to your needs

With mobile phones and tablets being everyone’s main gadgets for daily use, we are constantly looking for USB charges to charge them up. Eubiq has the USB adaptor that can be used with their tracks. This, one is never enough around the house.

Their power tracks can be customised and built into your furnitures, mounted to walls, use in your kitchen and more. Just look at the types of adaptors and tracks they have.


Director’s track

Kitchen appliances adaptors on tracks

Lamps bright enough to light up the kitchen and rooms at night

Aladdin lamp for reading

And they are having an awesome promotion now for Pre-order of the Tuscan, which is ending real soon! You can 3 power track systems and total of 15 adaptors! This bundle is enough to power your entire household gadgets and appliances!

Review of the E-track and Director’s track will be coming up in a couple of weeks. Watch this space to find how Eubiq powers our house.

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4 Replies to “Eubiq World’s Most Flexible Power Outlet System”

  1. Beware of this, it is not PSB approved and not safe. The one I installed over at my place had sparking noise and later burned, tripping my house electricity. The plugs were all melted, luckily did not burn down my house. I can’t attach pictures here if not I will.

  2. @Shawn Ang – if it isn’t save, why most of SINGAPORE’s hospital would want to install it as well?

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