The All-New Volvo XC90 R-Design is aimed at buyers looking for a head-turner that radiates a truly sporty and dynamic look. And it sure lives up to it’s head-turning reputation. We felt like some superstars driving around town when we took this monster ride for a test drive. At every traffic light we stopped, I counted at least 3 out of 5 heads turning back to catch a second look at our ride – The All-New Volvo XC90 R-Design. There was once where I laughed-out-loud when we spotted a white Volvo XC90 along Tanjong Rhu when the driver took a triple look back at our ride. He was driving the Volvo XC90 Momentum. Same same but yet different.

This time round, I did not get to be on the driver’s side as I was too chickened to drive this huge SUV. But I enjoyed every seconds as a passenger on the front seat, second row seats and even in the last row. Spacious seats comfortable enough for me (standing at 1.7m) no matter which row I was in. Feedback from the driver who drove throughout the long easter weekend in the Volvo XC90 will be quoted in the following review and feature of the SUV.

And here goes…

The All-New Volvo XC90 is visually striking, a premium quality 7-seater SUV with world-first class-leading safety features, new powertrain technologies, and an unrivalled combination of power and fuel efficiency. It also represents Volvo’ s distinctive take on what it means to drive a luxury car in the 21st century. The embodiment of unrivalled contemporary Swedish design and craftsmanship, both inside and out.

Spacious premium, smart and luxury interior that makes driving the Volvo XC90 so unique

“There’s so many function and features in this car, I don’t think we can figure everything out in just 4 days.”

True enough, we really did not get to try out the many features come pack inside the Volvo XC90. You can find the full specs and features of this car on Volvo Website, here I will be highlighting the ones we experienced and love. Let’s start with the outside.

Distinctive R-Design Exterior

The R-Design is what makes this Volvo XC90 such a sexy, head-turning automobile. From the grille, front bumper, integrated roof rails, silk metal wing mirrors and window trim and integrated dual tailpipes. All these make the vehicle look like a sporty monster ride for those who goes for a YOLO lifestyle. Its 20-inch R-Design Diamond Cut alloy wheels complete the stylish, dynamic look. What’s not to love about this sexy ride you tell me?

To match the sporty exterior, the inside is super cool too – sports seats and steering wheel in perforated fine Nappa leather upholstery are accompanied by special R-Design details, such as gearshift knob, pedals, floor mats and illuminated tread plates. The driver also gets an exclusive R-Design leather key fob in matching perforated leather.

Most Modern Control System in the Market

The new Sensus user interface is without doubt the most modern in-car control system in the market. It completely reinvents the way drivers operate their cars. The traditional selection of buttons and controls has been replaced with a smooth, intuitive interaction between a large tablet-like touch screen, controls on the steering wheel and a capable voice-control system. Yes we were talking to the car and it responded well!

Tell the car “I’m hot!”, and it adjusts the temperature for you.

Sensus gives comfortable access to a wide selection of cloud-based applications. The outstanding in-car possibilities includes Internet radio, connected navigation, seamless music streaming, the ability to mirror and use Apple and Android devices in the touch screen display, a hot spot for using a tablet in the car – and much more.

Four-zone Climate System

The All-New Volvo XC90 can be specified with a four-zone climate system with individual settings for the occupants in the front seats and in the second row. Volvo Cars’ CleanZone air purification system, one of the most efficient on the market, has been further improved by adding a new carbon filter for more efficient capture of small, harmful particles and pollen in the incoming air.

Individual touchscreen air-condition control panel for the second row seats

“Such a huge car but so easy, so light, so comfortable to drive.”

The All-New Volvo XC90 R-Design come with a customisable Drive Mode function where the driver can choose between different drive modes. The control systems for the engine, automatic gearbox, steering, brake, electronic Stability Control and Start/Stop function are programmed to give different characteristics in the different modes. The Driver Display will even change accordingly. This mode can be easily changed by an elegant and ergonomic roller control on the centre console, without having the driver take his eyes off the road.

There are 5 available drive modes to choose from:

  1. Comfort Mode (default) which delivers an all-round comfortable driving and riding experience.
  2. Dynamic Mode which sharpens the car’ s responses, from a quicker take-off from standstill to disabling the Start/Stop function. The Driver Display changes to create a more dynamic experience.
  3. Eco Mode which assists the driver in driving more economically – minimising the impact on the environment.
  4. Off-road Mode which helps the driver drive through poor and difficult road conditions.
  5. Individual Mode which allows the driver to tailor a driving mode to meet personal preferences.

Safe and Stress Free Drive

Similar to our previous test drive with the Volvo XC60, we felt safe, in fact it was even more safe when driving the Volvo XC90 due to the following features.

  1. Adaptive Cruise Control makes sure your car keeps the distance to the car in front. It makes driving a lot more relaxing especially in slow moving city traffic.
  2. If your car starts to veer out of its lane, the Lane Keeping Aid kicks in, gently steering you back and sending warning vibrations to keep you alert.
  3. All-New Volvo XC90 comes with Road Sign Information technology as standard. It has been further enhanced to show an extended selection of road signs in the digital display in front of the driver, such as various types of supplementary signs. Including traffic camera, and speed limit, making sure you have a safe drive to your destination.

The All-new Volvo XC90 R-design is available at the Volvo Showroom, book now to test drive this premium SUV and experience its beauty and the unique and premium drive. More information of the car available on the website:

Here’s a video I shot during our test drive with the Volvo XC90. Sexy right?