Remember back in school we pass around “Autograph” books to friends and teachers to write so that we can have a piece of something for memory in the future? Well, this page is something similar.

I would like to collect testimonials and recommendations by fellow peers, partners, readers and everyone that I’ve worked with/for before.

Appreciate if you can drop a few lines here. I will accept all comments (positive and negative), but if its overly brutal or a direct attack or irrelevant testimonial, I will not publish it.


Yin Qi Lee , Marketing Executive
HBO Asia, 2009

Claudia is a pioneer in the blogging scene, part of the group that is truly passionate about the up and coming area of social media. Despite having a very packed schedule of events to attend as a prominent blogger, she has always made time for HBO, and provided excellent writeups after. I’m glad to call her a great work partner, as well as a friend!

Daniel Goh , Public Relations and New Media Manager
Samsung Asia, 2009

When it comes to the blogosphere, Claudia is ahead of her time. She understands the local social media scene better than most, and her ability to identify and create content that will make sense to her readers and clients is impressive. If you need a Social Media 101, you’d do well to have a chat over coffee with Claudia.

Ivy Tan , Corporate Communications Officer
SingTel, 2009

Claudia’s transition from an influential blogger to the founder of 24seven is nothing short of amazing. There aren’t many people in Singapore who understand the ins and outs of social media as well as she does – and she uses this knowledge to deliver great results. It is a truly a pleasure to meet someone so passionate and dedicated to her company, her clients and the local social media scene!

Choo Wee Ang , Interactive Account Director
Carbon Interactive, 2009

Claudia is a god sent! Through our partnership, she has given great ideas and proposals that helped win clients over and delivered results. I’m glad to be a part of her entourage as she leads 24seven to her goal! (and what a goal it is!!)

Daryl Tay , Co-founder
Social Media Breakfast Singapore, 2009

Claudia has been a totally invaluable member to the Social Media Breakfast | Singapore team. It’s not easy being a member of the team when the rest of the team is busy at school and/or work, but that doesn’t stop her from keeping everything cohesive and maintaining and eye on everything.

Ms Tan, Head of Department IT/MRL
Hougang Primary School, 2004

Claudia is an invaluable asset to the school, particularly in the area of IT. She has completed all her assignments with diligence and enthusiasm.

Wong Pei Chen, Supervising Executive
Great Eastern Life, 2001

Claudia was given a major project on system analysis of the Customer Service workflows. She has worked independently on this, verifying and establishing the policy servicing procedures and recording them diagrammatically.

She was also involved in the compiling and reviewing of the systems generated letters and forms which she had to update and classify.

The results of this extensive work is an up-to-date procedure manual for the department.

We want to commend her for her adaptability, quick mind, and positive attitude. Claudia is not afraid of hard work and often put in extra hours out of her own accord. Her diligence, creativity and excellent mind made her a true asset while she was with the company. her productivity matches, if not exceeds the full time executives.

In short, Claudia has performed way beyond our expectations. Should she decides to work for Great Eastern Life after her graduation, it will certainly be a most valuable asset.

Ms Loo Kit Wan, Form Teacher
Beatty Secondary School, 1994

Claudia is a hardworking and conscientious pupil who is highly motivated to do well in her studies. She is very well-behaved and attentive in class. She is a mature and sensitive girl who has lots of initiative and ideas. She is co-operative and always ready to lend a hand. When given a task, she can be trusted to do it well. She also has a mind of her own and does not hesitate to express her opinions when necessary. Always amiable and couteous, she is a joy to teach.