Live updates from ad:tech asia – advance marketing and branding track

8:41:36 AM: If u r reading this on my blog now, updates be coming once i’m @ Suntec. Am attending #adtechasia as media. New media rocks! Live wor!

11:19:59 AM: Youth panel on right now at #adtechasia lets hear what they have to say

11:22:39 AM: A new username just for this panel? Come on #adtechasia who’s going to be tweeting @adtechasiayouth after today?

11:25:50 AM: – The youth panel on stage right now at #adtechasia

11:33:11 AM: Panel getting interesting discussing facebook and the real friends n “fake friends” we have in there. #adtechasia

11:38:12 AM: Human face is more appreciated than a faceless corporate account. If they want to follow u, they’ll find u. #twitter #adtechasia

11:44:25 AM: Mobile fits consuming of content more than for creating. Except for twitter! That’s what i’m doing on my N97. #adtechasia

11:47:27 AM: The panel is not a gd representation of the youth population. Most of us active in the space are the only 1 among our friends. #adtechasia

11:49:32 AM: Same as @summersique we r online bcos we want to n our friends r here. its not just cos we wan to mkt ourselves. #adtechasia

11:50:49 AM: The digital profile is just an extension of who we are IRL. U need to know them IRL to know them 101% #adtechasia

11:56:41 AM: Future of ad? = Advertising offered as content with high page rank not SEM though! #adtechasia

11:57:10 AM: LOL RT @mrbrown: Wow, iPhone 3G-S can now Copy-Paste, send MMS, rec video, & take 3-megapixel photos! Revolutionary! Steve Jobs is a genius!

11:59:20 AM: Able to reach more audience in social media than in the mass traditional media. #adtechasia

12:03:40 PM: How we decide where to go for travel? Reviews, peers recommendations, blog posts, forums, pics on facebook etc #adtechasia

12:08:48 PM: Harder find since not online? RT @NicNacNoe: youth panel a bit too skewed towards youth who don’t use traditional media at all #adtechasia

12:10:08 PM: Breaking off for lunch now at #adtechasia
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Testing live blog via tweets again!

1:36:27 AM: oh wow! its finally working today! hope live tweet to wordpress will work fine later

1:37:12 AM: i’ll be live tweeting updates from #adtechsg tmr and it’ll be posted live on! *fingers crossed*

1:40:24 AM: early morning tmr for #adtechsg but i cannot go to sleep now! blame it on #wwdc. (sorry guys, i’m testing the live tweet plugin crapping now

1:41:57 AM: looks like my tweets aren’t being posted up to my blog leh! Twitter LiveBlog why why why?

1:43:51 AM: ops! ok… i too fast for the livetweets. its showing fine now. that means i can end my testing now.

1:48:46 AM: – Watching #wwdc unfolds right now… Snow Leopard selling at 29 bucks!

1:48:55 AM: iPhone!!!!!!!!!

1:50:06 AM: >50k apps for iPhone! Ovi Store needs to catch up! 20k apps + tunes + etc not very attractive to consumers yet!

1:57:03 AM: ok! ending my livetweet posting test. Follow me tmr if u’re keen to find out abt #adtechsg! Back to following #WWDC with

Lets try this again… tweet blogging in process.

11:06:01 AM: so i’ll be seeing @molemole @dk @nadnut and @dchieng later. anyone one else heading to kallang too?

11:25:16 AM: at kallang seafood. sony walkman w series.

11:32:38 AM: blogging: Lets try this again… tweet blogging in process.

11:32:41 AM: blog Cute ads and there’re cute guy here!

12:01:45 PM: blog Can you see me wearing anything?

1:01:40 PM: blog The striking pink looks good on Molly Oli