What do you think about SMB6?

My thoughts and reflection on SMB6, this time round, from a participant point of view instead.

Total of about 60-70 close to 100 people turned up at SMB6 held at Tangs Island Cafe. There were the usual social media breakfast participants, bloggers, practitioners, and also a handful of first timers. Having talked to a few of them who were there for the first time, they were quite puzzled at what was happening and everyone behind couldn’t hear nor see what the panel was discussing. Even if everyone were to remain quiet, those standing behind the pillar will not be able to see nor hear anything. That’s perhaps why everyone choose to talk among themselves instead. I’m guilty for this too. But really, this cannot be blamed. What do you expect those behind to do? Also saw a handful of people who came and walked away soon after as the place was overcrowded. If you were one of them, apologize for the lack of space. Hope to meet you at future social media gatherings.

After five successful SMBs and good feedback, this one came as quite a punch to the team (including myself). So what really went wrong?

The Venue
Tangs being located at Orchard seems like an ideal place to hold such gathering. Everyone knows exactly where Tangs is and getting there isn’t much of a hassle. But when there’s a space constrain for an expected crowd of 50 (at least), the venue might not be the most suitable. Add on a panel and launching of the Tangs Secondlife store, the venue is surely not appropriate.

The Agenda
To be very honest, I have no idea what happened on the other side of the room. I tried hard to listen and see what was going on, but I couldn’t hear nor see a thing. By the time I went in after helping at the registration, all the seats were taken and the limited standing space (to see the panel) was already cluttered with people. This means SMB is growing and many people are really interested in the discussions and knowledge sharing, but this also means we’ll need a much bigger venue for future SMBs! Its hard to find a suitable location and with our zero budget, the challenge is surely there.

Would really love to hear from those who were seated in front to share about your thoughts about the discussions. Looks like it was a chatter about consumers on facebook and loyalty card program.

Earth Hour
When the lights went off, half the crowd was gone! Wasn’t it supposed to be a networking and catch up time instead? But seriously, not easy walking around in the dark and introducing yourself. There were people tripping on other’s feet! Good thing no one got hurt.

SMB6 sure is a good learning point for the team. And really thankful to those who stuck by us after so long and for your understanding and feedback. The team is always learning and growing. So we need your feedback! Please spend 2 minutes with SMB6 feedback form. Or drop your comments below…

Experience Earth Hour at Tangs with SMB|SG

It’s HERE!! After 3 months since the last Social Media Breakfast, we’re back! This time in good hands of Daryl Tay and Dorothy Poon, with support from Tangs.

Happening THIS Saturday at 7PM. YES! 7PM! Not am ok! We’re having super late breakfast this time round. Perhaps it should be Social Media Beer instead! I’m sure Tangs serve Beer, please bring cash as its BYOB night! This is happening at Tangs Island Cafe on the upper most level (can’t remember its 3rd or 4th or 5th??) but ya! Just take the lift from inside the mall and head up to the highest level accessible to public and you’ll find us there!

Beside the usual discussion on social media and networking and good company, we’re putting you into a dark challenge! Between 8.30pm to 9.30pm, Tangs will be participating in Earth Hour! Yes! 60 mins of darkness. Can you keep your cool and enjoy the session in candlelight with the rest of us? Come try it out! It’s going to be quite an experience!

If you’re not going to be there, don’t forget to switch off your lights and if possible all electricity around you too during Earth Hour ok! Help save our planet!

For more details about SMB6, please check out our official blog and facebook event page. Oh! And if you’re twittering, blogging, flickr-ing or watever-online-ing about SMB6, don’t forget to tag it with #smbsg6!

See you on Saturday!!

Psss… we’re also going clubbing and dancing after that! Join us too! Time to let our hair down down down down down…

SMB5 – Putting the Social back to Social Media

It could not have been another better timing for SMB5. With the Christmas season coming, and everyone in the mood for party and giving, I’m very grateful that SMB5 could be part of a meaningful project to help the children in need.

After a successful SMB4, everyone was excited to attend the next SMB. And its heartwarming to know that after every session and after meeting more new friends, everyone is always looking forward to the next one. This surely keeps the team going and motivated to bring better and more meaningful SMBs.

When Derrick sent out the news of SMB5 taking place in ten days time, I’ve received many messages and email asking what’s the agenda or programme line-up for SMB5. I was speechless. This really shows the positive progress of social media here in Singapore. There are many out there who wants to learn and understand more about social media. And they do see that SMB can be such a platform for quality sharing and learning to take place.

At SMB5, it was planned to be a casual gathering and a time for everyone to catch up. The team had hoped that conversation and discussion will take place among the many of you who were there. I did manage to catch up with some friends and met a few new ones too. As for quality discussion, personally, I felt that the setting wasn’t as suitable as the previous SMB. But still, a great event with great company!

As part of the team, I hope to contribute as much as I can and help drive SMB to greater heights after every session. And this cannot be done alone. Its part of the team effort, your participation and kind contributions.

If you were at SMB5, we would really love to get your feedback.

At SMB5, we also managed to somehow put a little social back to social media. This I will share more about in another post, just because I’ve got a personal story to tell.

In the meantime, if you’ve another 3 minutes to spare, why not help the children in need? Samsung Hope is not asking for your money, all they hope for is your support by a simple pledge.

Take a pledge for Hope this Christmas

Hope Takes Off !

More photos of SMB can be found here and my flickr album