Social Media Breakfast 3 at Asian Civilisations Museum

The day started bright and early for me on Saturday. The team decided to meet at Asian Civilisations Museum at 9am to get things ready for Social Media Breakfast 3 (SMB3). Guess I was too “gan cheong” (excited) as usual, and reached at 9 sharp. When I reached, the venue for SMB3 looks like this…

My first impression? “WOW! What a place!”

It brought my excitement to the next level! Having missed the SMB1 and being in the cosy cafe for SMB2, the River Room at ACM indeed brought SMB3 to a next level! Thanks NHB for the great opportunity and hosting SMB3 at ACM. I’m sure everyone just can’t wait for SMB4 now! (Planning already in progress! Look out for it!)

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