Life in cubes #5

Last week had been quite a crazy rush, all thanks to Lady luck and I was screaming out loud for Lady power to rescue me. Very happy that I survived. Next week’s going to be even tougher. The weather isn’t helping much, and I’d been feeling unwell on and off over the couple of weeks. This trend isn’t going to stop anytime soon. I blame it on the weather and my lack of rest.

A summary of what happened last week…

Life in Cubes #05
Life in Cubes #05

Hope to have time to blog next week. If nothing’s happening here, head over to my other blog to kaypo where and what was I doing. Or follow me on twitter.

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Life in Cubes #3

Since I spent my weekend catching up with my family and friends, and preparing for this week, I skipped my planned post drafting time over the long weekend!! So here’s a quick reflection of my life in cubes. Here’s what happened in my life recently…

Oh! And we finally announced our spanking new identity! Go Check it out! Thanks everyone for the kind comments and wonderful support! You all make me a very happy woman.