The Weekend I turned 30

My memory seems to get worse as I age, now that I’m 30, its better for me to keep my memory safe in this blog in case one day I can’t remember what I want to remember. If you know me well enough, you know how bad my memory is becoming! I think I need to take more brain boosting food or sort.

July is the month I look forward to welcoming every year. I don’t have many friends who will throw me birthday party nor treat me to meals nor shower me with gifts every year, but I do have people who care and those who I love that will always remember. And then with Facebook, all your friends will see your name appearing at the right side of their feed that its your birthday, those who care enough will post a greeting on your wall or send you a private message (so that they don’t get notified whenever someone else posts after him/her). The cutest wish I got was from my ex-student who can’t post on my Facebook wall (cos I disallowed anyone to do so) and sent me a message on Whatsapp instead. Technology sure brings everyone closer don’t you agree?

To all of you-know-who-you-are out there, thank you for your well wishes!

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