A Reliable Ebiz Cloud Hosting Service for your Startup

If scalability and flexibility are what you need in your hosting service, then Cloud is the way to go. Back in those days where I ran my own company, I was on the Cloud Hosting too with Amazon. Being the not-very-technical me, the whole user experience and setting up of a website on Amazon Web Services was a painful one. I had to entrust the whole process to someone else. And I felt that I do not have full control.

Looking at what Exabytes is offering, and with the implantation of the oh-so-familiar CPanel, everyone can manage their hosting anytime anywhere. And Ebiz Cloud Hosting service with Exabytes comes with over 250 Web Apps to choose from. Installing new apps, e.g. WordPress, is no longer a tedious process. Just click install in your desired folder or domain and your new website is setup within seconds! I love CPanel!

  • Exabytes servers are especially optimized to ensure the best web and email performance for Small Medium Businesses.
  • Customized EBiz Cloud Hosting settings to improve server stability and performance.
  • 24/7 live server monitoring.
  • Industry-leading hardware.

With more than 40 EBiz Cloud Hosting specialists supporting Exabytes service, you do not need to worry about having to troubleshoot anything on your own. Help is just an email or call away.

If you are looking for a new source of hosting for your personal business or startup or even a SME, go check out what Exabytes has to offer. Even their plan options are very simplified – just like picking a suitable outfit for your company; from S to XXL!

Exabytes Ebiz Cloud Hosting Plans

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Think we have a case worth fighting for

Recently we were reviewing a policy purchased in 2011 and just realized we were scammed by the company. The agent who sold us the policy didn’t go through it in detail, which she should, and we weren’t aware of the full terms and details at point of application. As it was a packaged thing that we had to take up in order to get what we wanted to, a time deposit with the bank. If the full terms were explained to us, I will never ever invest in such a policy.

This thing has been bothering me for the last couple of days and I think we now clearly have a case to fight for. Perhaps some things happened the way it did for a reason.

In 2011 I blogged about our bad experience with the bank and clearly stated what happened and the dates of follow up actions. Because of that, we now have good reasons why the company should let us terminate the plan and return our money. Its not a small sum we are talking about here having paid for the policy since Aug 2011 at $1k each month.

I’m going to print the blog entry out and get the sitaution fixed tomorrow.

New Year New Beginning

This post is a little late, life has been hectic with new directions and changes. Even this post was written while waiting for my hair to be done at the salon. Time is too precious and I have to take on whatever chances I have to strike off my never ending and ever growing task list.

For four years I have held on to my dream. One that was once shared with a dear friend whom travelled the most difficult time of the business. This dream slowly and eventually vanished and the motivation to go all out to pursue it is no longer found inside me. With a very heavy heart, decision was made to let it go for good. Finishing up whatever we were contracted to and it will be gone for good. And no, there won’t be another new branding nor team. This is the end of this dream of mine.

With one dream down doesn’t mean I should stop dreaming completely. I am paving my way towards another dream of mine. One that’s has always been there hidden deep inside me. One that I truly enjoy – making happy things and organising happy events. The best part of my life was when I was running events and meet ups for the communities I enjoy. I hope to bring these happiness back into my life. So 2013 is going to be my happy year, I hope.

Never stop dreaming!