My Gonggong

This my Gonggong, the one who saw me grow up since I was born.

Ah Ma and Gonggong at Ah Ma’s Birthday

When I was a child, Gonggong would bring me out every Sunday to either my favorite arcade at Thomson Plaza or Parkway Parade, or he would bring me shopping with Ah Ma. Gonggong would buy me things when I behaved myself or did well in school.

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Few Scrap Happy Nights

Over few nights in two weeks, I forced myself to leave my macbook in the office so that I can focus on completing a project commissioned by the birthday girl’s mother. Its my cousin’s 21st birthday and her mother, my godmother, wanted to give her something to remember. So an album compiling her growing up and tiny stories to share.

Its been way too long since I did so much scrapping. Having started it, I kinda miss those days where I scrap almost everyday. Lost touch a little, but I’m quite happy with the layouts I’ve completed.

Here are some of the layouts which I like from the album…

Look How I Grow
Look How I Grow

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