This is how much I want it!

I saw this and I simply must get it! See I even did this to show the world how much I want this uber cool and stylish Motorola Q9h!

So how do you Q? I want to Q with my MotoQ!

Now that you know how much I want it, anyone wants to buy for me? Wahahaha!

Time to upgrade!

With Leopard coming up… I’ll need to work 100x harder to get those money coming in!I NEED to upgrade to a macbook pro with Leopard OS!So who’s setting up a business and needs help with accounting?

And who’s having a new promotion or products and wants the world to know?

Give me a call, or leave a message, cos I may just be the one you’re looking for!

I want!!

Wanting to buy a smaller camera for quite awhile… and now I’m targeting at these… small and compact are the key, as long as it allows me to bring around in my little bag and use as and when I want, it’s good. After getting this, next up would be DSLR! *grinz* (That’ll make a set of 3 cameras. Hmm… plus my hp… that’ll be 4! *woot*)

or maybe this…