New Year New Beginning

This post is a little late, life has been hectic with new directions and changes. Even this post was written while waiting for my hair to be done at the salon. Time is too precious and I have to take on whatever chances I have to strike off my never ending and ever growing task list.

For four years I have held on to my dream. One that was once shared with a dear friend whom travelled the most difficult time of the business. This dream slowly and eventually vanished and the motivation to go all out to pursue it is no longer found inside me. With a very heavy heart, decision was made to let it go for good. Finishing up whatever we were contracted to and it will be gone for good. And no, there won’t be another new branding nor team. This is the end of this dream of mine.

With one dream down doesn’t mean I should stop dreaming completely. I am paving my way towards another dream of mine. One that’s has always been there hidden deep inside me. One that I truly enjoy – making happy things and organising happy events. The best part of my life was when I was running events and meet ups for the communities I enjoy. I hope to bring these happiness back into my life. So 2013 is going to be my happy year, I hope.

Never stop dreaming!

ZoukOut2010 – Claudia’s First

What an experience it had been at my debute appearance at ZoukOut! *coughs* Sounds as if I was there to DJ or perform! Ha! I spent more time walking from one entrance to the next than dancing on the sand (which I didn’t quite enjoy). Sand and Claudia just doesn’t gel well together you see.

The night was short and sweet for me. My body was aching and screaming for attention even before midnight. It was still an eye opener for this mountain tortoise who’ve never stepped into ZoukOut for the past 9 years. When I finally get to step into one, its already their 10th anniversary! Can’t believe the Mambo Queen in me waited 10 years to realised how much I’d missed out on. And now I’m just too old to boogie much. Boo!

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The Number Game

No thanks to my lack of discipline and time to keep my accounting books in order, my entire financial system is in total mess. With more and more invoices, payments and receipts flying my way monthly, the accounting workflow I used last year can no longer help support the needs of my company and me. So the search for the right accounting system began. And after a week of research and trying I’ve finally decided.

What I’m looking out for when trying the various accounting system?

  • System UI and simplicity of workflow.
  • Web-based so that I can access anywhere and not worry my MBP will die one day with all my accounts gone.
  • Multi-user and level access.
  • Project management or costing feature.
  • Easy creation and converting of quotations and proposals to invoices.
  • Flexibility of templates for quotes, proposals and invoices.
  • And of course, the cost.

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