Week 2 at China Square Central

The second week at CSC Flea Market was slightly better than the first. Sold 6 brooches and couple of handmade cards and albums. But still not good enough to cover rental and cost. But than still a good start… this week I’ll be having other stuff that will be “Lelong-ed” away at just $1!! Lots of alterable such as boxes and other scrapbook related stuff. (Will post photos of the stash soon, when I have time to sort them out and take photos of them.) So watch out for it here ya!

The tables were filled with bags and my craft work

And the tiny fan that keeps me cool in the air-con place
(Which I think the air-con’s not working that well leh.)

comics strips…

Looks like you’ll be seeing lots of comics on my blog! *grinz*

I find it easier to use comics to share what I want to in here… writing long long blog entries is going to be less… need to brush up on my mac prog yio! *lol*

Here’s what I did this weekend…

Going to be loading lots of cool felt.in.love collections soon… watch this space for more!