A loving family and home for Yuniko

July 5, 2012  |  Yuniko our meow  |  No Comments

This is the last post on Yuniko our meow. I thought I would feel less emo having him adopted by someone else, but am writing this with a heavy heart.

Last shot I took of him before he left with his new parents

We met almost three years ago at SPCA, then he was just a tiny, skinny and playful kitten. It was love at first sight. My family has alway been against having a pet cat or dog, when I finally got an office space for my company, my first decision was to adopt a cat. Yuniko has been with us since then, and better known as our office cat.

He’s loved by everyone in the office and he kept us all sane and brought us joy.

Due to personal reasons and the restrictions we will get when we move out of our existing office, I have to let him go. I tried asking people I know and posted it up on Facebook and Twitter, hoping to find him a new home. But its only few days ago when I posted him up for adoption on Catwelfare Public Adoption Board, I started getting messages asking more about him. After exchanging messages with the five adopters, two came by to meet Yuniko and me today. From the messages exchanged, I know both like him very much. The meeting today helped me decide who will be a better new owner for Yuniko.

First who came to visit was a lady, who has a 7 year old cat at home. She wants to find another cat as her cat’s companion. She seems nice and was stroking Yuniko none stop when she saw him.

The second visit was by a husband and wife, who have three kids at home. They lost their cat a year ago, and have been looking for one since. When they saw Yuniko’s posting and video on Catwelfare, the wife and youngest boy couldn’t wait to meet him. I saw how I was like when I first saw Yuniko in the lady when she first saw him today. We spent quite some time talking and letting Yuniko warm-up with them. The couple asked to take Yuniko back home today as they can’t wait to introduce him to their kids, who are all looking forward to meeting him too.

I considered both adopters and decided Yuniko will bring more joy to the family with three kids, than to become another cat’s companion. Having seen how he reacts with another cat, I’m afraid he’ll be bullied by the older cat.

I can see that the husband and wife really like Yuniko very much. Thinking about the love and attention the cat will get in their house, just makes it feel right. Yuniko deserves so much more than what he has now.

With the wife’s enthusiasm and persuasion to let them bring home Yuniko today, and preventing myself from changing my mind, I caved in. This sudden decision will upset many, and it did. But I hope all who love Yuniko will think about the better environment and family he is enjoying now. He may need some time to get used to his new family, but he is at a better place with more caring hearts. He will be showered with more hugs and strokes on his fluffy chin. He will have kids to play hide and seek with, someone who will draw pictures of him at art and craft lesson and a family who will look forward to playing with him when they return home.

Whenever I pass by Ang Mo Kio Ave 4, I will know Yuniko is there, being loved.

Farewell my fat boy, you’ll be missed.

If my cat could talk to me

February 4, 2010  |  Yuniko our meow  |  1 Comment

It’s been about 6 months since I brought him home from SPCA. And we’ve formed quite a unique bond since I see him almost every day. Because I spend more waking hours in the office than at home, Yuniko lives in a window-free room filled with lots of human love.

From the small and skinny kitten, he has grown so fat and cuddly. I blame it on my constant pampering him with food so often right from the start. Good thing he is now learning to control his diet and stops eating once he’s filled. (I think) Read More

Giant Cat Spotted at AMK

November 30, 2009  |  Yuniko our meow  |  2 Comments

Ever since I had Yuniko, my eyes and senses seem to be more sensitive to all cats around me. And when I saw these three cats at Ang Mo Kio the other day, I just can’t stop thinking about them!

First there was this cat wearing a t-shirt and it fits his character so well! He’s the King, so don’t even think of trying to get his attention. He simply /ignore everyone around him. He’s got character alright!

Then there’s this smallest one among the three. He’s super manja and friendly. He’ll come to you when you call for him. Read More

Cat that Tweets and Blogs

October 15, 2009  |  Yuniko our meow  |  2 Comments

Meow~ By now you would already know that I’ve got myself a kitten couple months back. And it has been soooo kawaii and adorable! Of course, there are naughty and hair-pulling moments too. But still he’s such a baby.

If you’re a cat lover or wants to follow his growing progress, you can find him on Twitter and he has started blogging too!

Follow him and subscribe to his feeds if you’re loving him too!

i <3 Yuniko!

Yuniko with To-Fu

September 29, 2009  |  Yuniko our meow  |  2 Comments

Strawberry To-Fu tried to get close to Yuniko. And this was what happened…

One day…

Yuniko is resting comfortably on my mac

Yuniko is resting comfortably on my mac

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Yuniko’s Photography Series

August 31, 2009  |  Her Viewfinder, Yuniko our meow  |  1 Comment

Sneak peek…

Yuniko Boy Profile Pic #1

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Meet Yuniko My Meow

August 29, 2009  |  Yuniko our meow  |  5 Comments

After years of yearning for my own meow, I am finally a mommy of one! May I introduce to all my meow……


Hellooooo Yuniko!

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