On Being the “Face” for Organisations

After reading Daryl’s take on the importance to name company’s bloggers, I’ve got some thoughts of my own. Since I’m one of those rare individuals with the title “Community Manager” in Singapore. (Perhaps there’s more, but I’ve not met them yet. Would love to mingle with more CMs if there’s a chance to.)

I’d wanted to leave this as a comment in his blog, but felt more appropriate posting it since it seems more like a thought than a comment. Hmm… anyway, my immediate thoughts that came to mind…

Am I the face for Yebber already?
Am I suitable to be the one in the front line of such organisation?
So what if I leave Yebber one day?
Would the community that I’ve build leave too?
Would the community change or even disappear?
So if the community moves together with the Community Manager/the blogger behind the organisation’s blog, does that mean that they’re the important element that cannot be taken lightly for?

Will elaborate on the points and thoughts later tonight or tomorrow.

While typing this post, I’ve also started a group in facebook! Talk about multi-tasking! (Yes! We GEN-Y people are great multi-taskers! Ha!) So if you’re a CM of any businesses or organisations too, why not join the group? Or tell your friends if you know any in the same line. :)

Also going to consolidate some links for reference. If you know of any interesting reads, share with me too ya. :)

How to get more traffic to your blog?

I’ve been monitoring my blog traffic for the past one month as I was pretty free everyday at home, so I surfed alot and also monitored alot. And during this process, I’ve came to learn quite a lot of things in the world of blogging.

Before this one month, I thought I have been quite up to date with the blogging scene and know alot of these kind of things. But than now I realised I’ve been a turtle in the shell for so so long! Well, but its never too late to play catch-up right?

Since I joined ping.sg my site traffic increased, not alot, but still more people come and now I do not only have silent readers, occassionally I’ll have a few passer by who left their mark on my blog. *so happy!* Now I do not have to just “talk” to myself in my blog, I have interaction happening! (This I’ve always wanted ever since I started blogging!)

And now that ping.sg and its creator, Mr Uzyn is featured in today’s Digital Times, you can read it here and the full page article here and sure more will be posting about it later. I’m sure the traffic to ping.sg is going to soar! Good news to the followers and bloggers at ping.sg. More things to read and more traffic to your blog!

But I also realised not all the blogs get pong at ping.sg. It really depends on the type of things you blog and yes, your title is very important. Last time, I used to use just one or two words in my title, but now I just use a long phrase of words that will help attract people’s attention. (Just like reading newspaper, not as if I read it, but than when I do read newspaper, usually I’ll scan through it and will only read when a title or photo catches my attention.) So this apply to blogs too. There are soooo many blogs out there, readers will choose and select topics that interest them before they’ll click on your link.

So if you’re still wondering if you should join ping.sg, don’t think anymore! Just join! Have fun in the community! Take part in their discussions and shoutbox. All very friendly (but shy) people. And boy! Now that I know how old Uzyn is, I’m starting to wonder… how old is the crowd at ping.sg? Hmm…