How technology helps the whole house buying and selling process


Technological advancement in the industry is important because buying or selling a home is a huge decision. Realty professionals, home buyers and sellers can participate in mutually beneficial partnerships, now more than ever. Buyers and sellers are an essential part of the search and agents now act as leaders, trusted consultants and experts in their market. In addition, online exposure as a buyer or a seller is necessary to achieve success. One of the most well recognized property websites, PropertyGuru Group has approximately 12 million unique visitors per month. There is no denying that technology plays a powerful role in real estate these days.

To stay up with modern developments, pretty much any industry or company needs to be involved with the internet, and the real estate industry is no different. Online property markets have gone from strength to strength, as they are convenient, fast, and cheap. Generally, the way that people who are buying and selling houses meet each other is through online classifieds. This is the digital analogue of the old ‘for sale’ sign on the street front. Gone are the days where we rely the word of mouth or going through newspapers to get the HDB or any other property we can call home.

Or else you can go to one of the online auction sites, which are another haven for internet real estate. As well as looking for properties on the internet you can also use it to find agents and brokers to help you.

A step up in technical specialization from the online classifieds is the property website service. Generally, you pay a subscription, and then the service will provide more advertising for your property by heightening your search ranking.

How Social Media Helps Boosting Real Estate Market

Social networking sites have taken the world by storm. Real estate professionals and rookies have been utilizing social media with the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin to advertise their properties or to locate potential buyers or renters.

One of the best things about these sites is that they are more intimate and friendly. Most of the time you will have a common connection and this engenders a trust and reliability other methods do not. Often, we will find tons of success stories like this one.

Some of the more progressive types have started to hyperlink their real estate’s website onto their newsfeed on Facebook. It should be noted though, that you do not want to pester all your friends, so do not become overzealous with your sales techniques. It is becoming easier and easier to buy and sell property online these days. You are able to not only reach people a lot quicker and easier, but now you are able to reach more people.


If you have a property and want to sell, then the best place to look for is not your newspaper or anywhere else but online. Yes, the Internet has changed the way you can buy and sell property online. Since it is mostly free to lookup and post your ads on buying or selling a property and most convenient and easy to use and available 24 hours a day 365 days a year, online property portals have become the in-thing at the moment.

Hence if you want to sell a property you don’t have to walk around to put your ads just head straight to your computer and post about it. You will be amazed with the response you get. There have been instances where the response will start pouring in within minutes you put up your ad about property on the net.

If you plan to sell a property then search for your neighborhood property portal and choose the appropriate category post your property ad and give all the necessary details about your property and add your ad on selling or buying property online. And that’s all now you can wait for the responses from the prospective buyers or sellers.

Getting Started

How to find the best place to post your property ad? Just do a quick search with Google and the top results would most probably be the best among them. Just visit them and see how active they are and read reviews about that particular property portal online and then decide whether to post your ad. Read their FAQs and help section on how to sell a property.

You can always settle with the good old classified ads sites like Craiglist, etc. This way you are targeting even vast majority of people who are not only looking for the properties to buy but might prove to be a prospective buyer if they find your offer lucrative and hence finishing off the sale of your property quickly. It is advisable that to be cautious in putting up your ads and try to avoid personal info on them except your contact phone numbers for safety.

But of course, like any other businesses, there are also other risks involved in real estate and in fact, huge risks abound in this lucrative business. If you have what it takes to be successful in real estate, then you can indeed make good money in buying and selling houses.

– Learning the trade. If you want to venture into something where you invest a good amount of money, it is just important that you also make sure that you know what you are doing, you know the risks you are getting involved with. Of course, you are putting your money at stake, so it is just wise to be prepared.

– Know how to buy houses at the best deals. Of course, you may think buying a house is easy but when it comes to making business with real estate, it helps to know a few tips and strategies on where and how to buy houses that you can sell at a good price later. Of course, several factors are a consideration. Location is one big consideration for example.

– Put location as one of your main consideration in buying a house that you can sell later. Of course, the better the location, the easier and the faster you can sell the house later and there can be an increased chance of having a lot of people interested in the property. With a good number of buyers interested in the property, you can also be able to get the best price that you want from among the interested buyers.

– Develop a strategy in marketing real estate. One of the things that you can also do to put up a good business buying and selling houses is to make sure you have a clearly defined marketing strategy that allows you to sell the houses fast at the best price you want. Of course, this is one of the tips that will allow you to make good money from real estate, thus develop your own strategy in buying and selling houses.

– Know how to sell houses. Engaging into real estate is not just about buying a property today and selling it later for the best price. It is important that you also have to learn some tips and strategies on how you can do some improvements or do home staging so you can get the best price for the property. Indeed, such things can truly help you succeed in real estate business as well.

Of course, you also have to learn how to advertise the house to attract a good number of buyers and make sure as well that you know how to price your properties. Indeed, small things such as these can truly help you make good money in real estate. Also consider the risks of this kind of business as well so you will know what you are into.

DNC – The Do Not Call Registry for Singapore


[box type=”warning”]


The Do Not Call Registry is currently undergoing trial testing for consumer registration. All actions performed will be recorded as trial testing. Actual registration will be available from 2nd December 2013 onwards.[/box]

Link to the trial registration for DNC registry (Personal Data Protection) is going around online and many are happy it is finally here and I strongly welcome this! Don’t we all just hate the SMS spams and unsolicited calls? But by registering with DNC registry does not mean all these spams will stop automatically! The system is not so smart that it will filter (like Gmail) or block these SMS/ calls from reaching you. So we might still receive these spams from those who do not follow the rules.

If you read the FAQ for consumers, No. 19
[box type=”1″]What can I do if I receive unsolicited telemarketing messages from organisations before the implementation of the DNC Registry on 2 January 2014?

You may wish to directly contact organisations that send you telemarketing messages and ask them to stop doing so.

If you continue to receive telemarketing messages after your request, you may choose to write to the PDPC If there is sufficient information, with your consent to disclose details of your feedback (including your name and contact information), we may contact the relevant organisation on your behalf and remind them of the PDPA obligations that will come into force in 2014.

Please note that the PDPC would not be able to undertake any investigation or enforcement before 2 January 2014.[/box]

And on the Consumer Information page…

[box type=”1″]The data protection provisions will come into effect on 2 July 2014 and the DNC Registry provisions will come into effect on 2 January 2014. During the transition period, the PDPC will undertake public education and outreach efforts to ensure that both the organisations and public are ready when the PDPA comes into effect.

The PDPC will provide more information in due course on the enforcement regime and how a complaint may be filed.[/box]

Ah Ha!

We will still have to do the work of stopping these spams on our own! And we all know how long it usually take for a complain/feedback to be resolved in formal settings. And imagine the number of these cases which will be overflowing in the DNC office come July 2014!

I was super excited (initially) when DNC was announced, but now looking at it, this is going to still take a while to stop all spams completely. What’s going to happen to those who do not follow the rule is still unknown? (Anyone got link to more details on this?) Organisations who do not follow the rule and if complain is filed against them, they may be fined up to $1mil and destroy the data collected? At least that’s what I understand from the Personal Data Protection Act document. Read more about it here.

From looks of it, though its known as a Personal Data Protection, the Organisations are the ones that are affected more than the consumers. They will now need to pay for their list to be checked every month before they send any bulk SMSes out. From personal experience, this is going to increase the cost to the organisation or their client when blasting promotional SMSes for upcoming sale, events or what not. And will this cost end up being factor into what the consumers will be paying in the end for their products or services?

Let’s just wait and see how this whole thing will improve the spamming situations on our phones.

Side note… look at the SPAM control act implemented in 2007, but aren’t the email spamming still going on till date? :/

RIP Steve Jobs


He has been my greatest inspiration and will always be. His speech given at 2005 Stanford Commencement, the three stories of his life, is my most watched video when I am in need of an inspiration boost.

He indirectly changed my life and made my life more efficient with Apple OS and the powerful and well designed gadgets. Without his vision I may not have done and accomplished what I have today.

Steve Jobs will always be remembered. RIP Steve. You’ll have a better life where you are now. And go kick butt up there! Help them revolutionize their world with great technology ok!

A great tribute piece on Gizmodo – Steve Jobs is dead.