This is engagement done right! #‎ChewbaccaMaskLady‬

So I saw this shared on my feed and like the 8 million other Facebook users out there, I laughed.

It was just simple joy. But what happened next totally rocked and this is what I wish brands and companies can look at doing more. This is social media engagement done right lah!

From a Facebook Live video published to share about her awesome buy, she received an even bigger joy from a departmental store.

Can we see more of such coolness happening here in Singapore please?

Featured photo from Kohl’s Facebook Page

Do you remember your first time?

Group of young women and men shared their first time experiences. Some has it fast, some had it smooth and one even said it was massive with her being the only one who knew how to do it! Watch what these women and men have to say about their First Time

Best ROFL Copywriting Ever!

While we are sourcing for renovation ideas and resources, we stumbled onto these super funny posts by a particular company. I peed in my pants thrice! If your don’t believe me, read the text in the pictures below and you will know what I meant and the pain we suffered from laughing overload.

This is the one on why you should get the company to supply and install instead of only supply without installation…


This one about toilet bowls and why you should replace yours if it’s too old…