Do You Know About Pedestrian Night along Orchard Road?

Happening every first Saturday of the month, a part of Orchard Road (from the ERP Gantry in front of ION Orchard to the crossing at Paragon) is closed from 6pm to 11pm and everyone is welcomed to take a stroll and enjoy the activities and performances taking place on the street.

Over the year, there has been different types of activities and events that took place during Pedestrian Night. Here’s a recap of some highlights from 2015.


The next Pedestrian Night will be on 2 January 2016 and here’s one of the highlights to look out for!

Be prepared for 1.5 hours with four power-packed performances on a funky truck-turned-into-stage by the following presented by HAG (a Scandinavian Business Seating brand):

  • Brandon Khoo, popular local drummer
  • MICapella, an acapella group
  • Max and Chloe of Skin and Bones, Winners of 16th Asia Pacific Dance Competition, Singapore 2014
  • Vilas Naik, popular speed-painter in India from Bangalore

Download the OneOrchard App

The OneOrchard App is here to further enhance visitors’ experiences and include vouchers for redemption at Pedestrian Night too. The app features star deals which allows user to enjoy shopping vouchers from Orchard Road’s brands.

OneOrchard will also integrate the ORBA Privilege Card, another initiative of the Association and its participating merchants for use by ORBA member organisations’ employees. Cardholders no longer need their physical card as identification as all the details will be housed on the application.

Get the iOS app here and Android app here. And be prepared for Pedestrian Night on Orchard in January and February 2016! Happening first Saturday of every month, from 6pm to 11pm.

Check for more details and follow their Facebook:

Travel with a peace of mind with TravellerShield

Travel with a peace of mind with TravellerShield

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This post is for you bro! Since you’re heading to Tokyo in November! *jealous* Why didn’t I win the lucky draw? Why you so lucky! *sad*
Was window shopping at Takashimaya and saw DBS TravellerShield having some promotion going on. Went to kaypoh and ended up taking part in their photo contest to win a pair of air tickets to Hong Kong! I love Hong Kong, of course must take part!


If you are heading to town this weekend, go snap a shot with your friends for FREE and stand a chance to win a pair of tickets to Hong Kong on Cathay Pacific airways!

Extracted from the event details I found, here’s how the contest works…

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This event is happening on 26 and 27 Oct from 12PM to 9PM at Ngee Ann City Atrium Basement 2.


There’s a photo booth on site where you can take your photos for FREE! Your photo will then be uploaded on to the DBS Facebook page and you will then need to tag yourself and share your photo with your friends and family. Because, the photo with the most likes will win a pair of tickets to Hong Kong!

Voting ends 11 Nov at 12PM! Go VOTE for me now![/box]

With the school holiday nearing, and the EOY bonuses coming in, many of you may be traveling. Since my family may be traveling soon too, I searched online to find out more about TravellerShield, and here’s what I found…

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Terminal 21, New Shopping Mall in Bangkok

After two years, we were back in Bangkok couple weeks ago. This time we decided to indulge a little more and took SQ instead of Tigers. And we stayed in the Space Zone at Baiyoke Sky Hotel instead of Tango Vibrant. It was a very short trip but one of the best we had in Bangkok. Thanks to the surprising nice weather while we were there. The cool breeze outdoor resembles the winter afternoon in Hong Kong and the shopping malls were all blasted with coolest air-condition! Some shoppers were even in thick jackets, which was a little over IMO.

View from our Space Zone room at Baiyoke Sky Hotel

We took the trains in Bangkok for the first time, and it sure did help speed up on transportation time; skipping the heavy traffic jams on the roads. If only they will soon figure out a way to have one standard ticket for tourists to use on all the different trains instead of having to buy tickets at every single interchange.

Single trip token for train ride in Bangkok

Highlight of this trip was to visit their newest shopping mall at Asok (right at the foot of the train station), Terminal 21. The shopping mall is HUGEEEE! The stalls at every level matches the country that level is themed after. There’s Rome, Paris, Tokyo, London, Istanbul, San Francisco and Hollywood all in one mall! Even the toilet (and its cleaners) were furnished and dressed as themed! Every corner you go to (yes toilets too) you’ll see shoppers taking photos and camwhoring. Great mall for photo opportunities if you’re heading there. Sharing some shots I took with iPhone 4s at Terminal 21.

Terminal 21 at Bangkok
Japan themed level - Fortune cat

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