Food Review – Ah Yat Seafood Restaurant at The Grandstand

A family reunion for Grandma’s birthday took place at Ah Yat Seafood Restaurant at The Grandstand. It was our first time trying that place out, and I got a little nervous just before that as we have folks with variety of liking for their food. And there aren’t any latest reviews of this place online, those I found were from at least 4 years back!

I almost wanted to call the dinner off and head over to try other seafood places just hours before the planned timing. But due to lack of ideas on where to go, we proceeded as planned.

We reserved a private room for two tables for 20 pax, and were assigned the Indonesia suite. First impression of this place is not very good. There was a musky smell in the room, probably from the carpet or cushioned chairs. Private rooms have got Karaoke system for our enjoyment, and boy we sure went crazy that night! It was one of the most noisy celebration dinner we ever had!

Musky smell and not so ideal environment aside, the fresh seafood we had was very good!

Sea White Prawns

Total of 1.764KG at S$200.79

Juicy, fresh and tender! No seasoning nor sauce required. I can eat the entire plate on my own!

Small Bamboo Clam

20 pieces at S$160.00

Too much garlic. Clam was fresh and tender.

South Africa Abalone

16 pieces at S$377.60

Abalone has never been my kind of food, not going to comment.

Soon Hock Marby Goby Fish

Total 2 fishes at 1.742KG at S$191.62

Very fresh and nice.

Fresh Small Oyster

20 pieces at S$90

How can anyone go wrong with fresh oyster? A little of lemon juice and tabasco is all I need to slurp these down.

Flower Clams

Total of 1.196KG at S$27.51

Nicely cooked.

Pinang Green Mussels

Total of 1.406KG at S$35.15

Love the spiciness in these mussels. Very yummy.

All the above fresh seafood had 40% discount! Everything was so fresh and so yummy! Some of the dishes were a little over with their seasoning, but overall it balanced quite well.

Deep Fried Taro Stuff with Fresh Scallop

S$80 for 2 big servings

A little too oily for my liking. Taro was too thick, could not taste much of the scallop.

Vension Meat with Ginger

S$72 for 2 big servings

Meat was a little too tough for my liking. Will skip their dishes and just go for the fresh seafood next time.

Two other dishes we had but not photographed are the Asparagus (S$72 for 2 big servings) and Braised E-Fu Noodle (S$56 for 2 big servings).

Total bill for the dinner of 20pax was S$1,148.51. Payment with DBS card gets $10 return voucher for every $50 spent. Applicable for weekday lunch only. We will be back soon for more with these vouchers!

Ala Carte Buffet at Clover GAC Seletar

A hidden gem which I discovered not too long ago, and I’ve been back twice already! Love the shabu shabu aka hotpot set! If you’re looking for a value for money buffet place to go around Punggol, you may want to check out Clover GAC Seletar. You’ll need to drive or get a cab in though, and if you can make it before sunset, they have a huge patio on the second level where you can chill out before dinner and catch the sunset (according to the staff). My two visits were all past 7pm, hence I didn’t get to see anything.

Highly recommend you call and make a reservation for dinners on Fridays or Saturdays. They are close on Sundays. Nice place for small gathering on weekdays as the place is usually empty, so you may get the whole place to yourself. The entire restaurant fits about 20 pax max if I estimated correctly. Pretty small and cosy place for gatherings with family or friends.

I paid $39.90 nett per pax for unlimited servings of more than 60 items in the menu. These are just some of my favorites, and I’ve got so much more to try still! Will be going back for more again soon.

[box type=”1″]Clover GAC Seletar
#01-01, MAJ Aviation Building
80 Seletar Aerospace View[/box]

Finally Halal Dim Sum at Jalan Kayu! at Tang Tea House Hong Kong Cafe

Was super excited when I first learned about the opening of Tang Tea House at Jalan Kayu from my Facebook feed! Thanks Kassidy for the post! :P Now we can finally satisfy my weird once-in-a-blue-moon dim sum craving near our house and in comfort of air con cafe!

We used to have to drive to Bedok area to get decent Halal Dim Sum, now its just a 5 mins drive from our place. Run by the same people from the Bedok branch, Tang Tea House has got pretty decent Dim Sum to satisfy those cravings. And the best part is they have my favorite Golden Sand Pau!

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