the Square

Last Sunday we had our post-mother’s day celebration at Novotel Clark Quay. The Square resturant. Everyone expected International Buffet but it was Asian Spread instead as they were having some promo going on… nevertheless, the food was yummilicious! The bbq prawns, clayfish, satay… and chocolate fondue! If only I could eat more that night!! Wahahaha! (Xin! See what you missed! But I’m sure Jacky Wu’s show was even better right?)

Here’s two pages from that evening….


Crab Shack

We were trying to find a new place for food, and was planning to check out the cafe at Thomson CC, but it seems packed and there wasn’t a parking lot, so we went to the opposit and parked the car. Walked down the row of shops and found this tiny coffeeshop lited nicely in yellow light, instead of the usual bright white light. Seems like a normal coffeeshop with run-down stalls in front and tables and chairs everywhere, but what got our attention was the raw-looked signboard at the back of the coffeeshop – Crab Shack. Interesting name! Took a look at the menu and the thought of eating real crab meat without having to go through the trouble of digging it from the shell tempts my bf, who’s allegy to crab shell. So we went in and have a try.

To our surprise, this place was quite popular few years back, there were magazine clippings and blogs that recommended this place. But guess, everyone’s the same, when something’s new and fresh, people will go, esp if TV show or stars went to do a cover for it etc… and after awhile, new places come up, and people go try them out and forget about the old ones.

I’m glad I found this place by chance. Sure going back to eat when I’m around the area. The Crab Au Gratin is yummmmy!! As always, picture tells a thousand words… photos taken using mobile phone, so sorry for the poor quality.

Pinkys @ Turkish Deli

We went to Suntec today and of course, I got more! Three more to be exact. And I love mixing and matching them to create one that resembles me! I’m going to bring them everywhere I go and snap photos of them! You’ll be seeing them very often in my blog soon. They will be used to represent me and through them, you’ll get to see what I did or went on the day.

For a start… Pinkys at Turkish Deli @ Suntec, Level 3…

Hmmm what should I eat?

The orders taking so long…

Pita bread? Hmmm… is it nice?

Yeee… what’s this? Looks good.

How come this soup looks polluted?

Act cool first, eat later.

This one looks delicious.

Turkish tea. Good digestion.