World’s Fashion Icon celebrates its 55th Anniversary

Barbie, the world’s most popular fashion doll celebrates 55 years of imaginative play today. To date, she has given girls, aged 2 to 12, the freedom to explore, create, and imagine their dream world – a world without limitations or boundaries. Barbie also allows girls to develop and discover their sense of style in a fun way with her vast wardrobe as she continually evolves to reflect the fashion of our times. She is the original fashion icon that has inspired fashionistas all over the world and played muse to designers.

[image type=”bottom” align=”center” width=”500″ caption=”Barbie Collector – Birthday wishes Barbie (S$74.90)”][/image]

Using fashion as a platform, Mattel, Inc. tied up with Toys R Us and celebrates Barbie’s 55th anniversary with a special event at United Square from the 6th to 23rd March 2014. There are four different activities available to the public, ranging from creating your own Barbie doll dress to an augmented reality closet where children can pick and try on different outfits.

[box]6 to 23 March 2014
11am to 9pm daily
Basement 1 of United Square

Every S$30 spent at Toys ‘R’ Us gets 1 stamp for participation in one of the 4 Barbie activities.

Activity 1 – Barbie Style Icon Be-a-model
Trainers will coach girls on catwalk and pose and ends with a runway experience. Available on weekends only and 16 girls/day.

Activity 2 – Style Icon Dream Closet AR experience
Augmented reality software play area where girls can choose their favorite dress and play digital dress up. Each gets a print of them in their “digital” dress.

Activity 3 – Barbie Style Icon Photobooth
Assorted props and clothings for girls to play dress up and take photos in the photobooth.

Activity 4 – Barbie Style creator play area
Girls can create their own Barbie dress

An infographic put together to tell the story of Barbie…
[image type=”bottom” align=”center” width=”500″ caption=”Click to view larger version”][/image]

To distract my mind, I paint.

If anyone tells me life gets simpler as we grow, I’m so going to tell him bluff. It gets tougher and tougher. My mind has been overclouded with too much things and I needed something to distract me. Something that will not need me to be online. And I was at Junction 8 and found this!

I love craft and I love to color/ paint. Sadly I suck at drawing. I’m so glad I found this Paint It Yourself set. It’s like those coloring book for kids where you follow the numbers and fill the spaces with colors. But this is a little more advance. Painting on canvas with acrylic paint. On the left is how the package looks like. Continue reading “To distract my mind, I paint.”