Over the weekend, at the chalet, I created these…

Our girl is filled with character and attitude. And she never fails to show it, especially infront of a camera.

my girl

I can’t stop myself! Another hundred and fifty bucks today spent on materials and an album. How? Can anyone help me? *lol*

Here’s another 2 creation. Isn’t she lovely?

lovely and adorable.

my girl.

my first attempt

After so long, from the day I saw nickpan‘s site on his wife’s scrapping session, finally I got my first scrapping done. I bought over hundred dollars of stuff for scrapping over the past 3 days. And I’m still buying! Can’t wait to get down to Plaza Sing soon to get my stencils.

Anne‘s work also inspired me to kick off my scrapping. I’ve so many I want to do yet so little time and so many work to do. Wish I had my entire holiday free from work, but well, that’s impossible! Tons of work waiting for me. So… scrapping has to wait. But whatever it is, I will try to find time for it. (And also to find a suitable place for it. My table is just too small for any proper work!)

Will be posting more of my work up when I’ve the time to complete one.