ASUS Zenfone Zoom said to be a DSLR that fits into your pocket

ASUS and StarHub today announced the Singapore launch of ZenFone Zoom, the world’s thinnest optical zoom smartphone with 3X Hoya lens in an innovative 10-element lens arrangement for exceptional clarity and photo close-ups with up to 12X total magnification.

ZenFone Zoom is the world’s thinnest optical zoom smartphone, with a 13MP PixelMaster rear camera and 3X lens in a body that measures just 5mm at the edges. The innovative 10-element digital eye was created by the optics experts at Hoya. Glass, synthetic and prismatic lenses are meticulously configured in a dual-prism periscope arrangement to maximise incoming light and capture the best possible photo quality. Equipped with a built-in OIS, it ensures sharper, steadier shots every time even at maximum 3X optical magnification.

I got a first look at this world’s first from ASUS and here are some close-ups of the ZenFone Zoom smartphone.

It’s like having a mini DSLR in your pocket all the time

The ZenFone Zoom was meticulously created to be the world’s thinnest optical zoom smartphone with ASUS engineers rotating the ZenFone Zoom’s lens mechanism to create a compact, intricately- calibrated periscope-style camera in a smartphone. Coupled with a Panasonic SmartFSI® image sensor, the ZenFone Zoom captures more light and more colour, revealing detail and beauty in both natural and low-light compositions that other smartphone cameras will never see.

The ZenFone Zoom’s design takes its cue from the look and feel of professional DSLR cameras, with dedicated buttons for shooting and recording.

Its strong uni-body frame is precision-crafted to a metallic finish that is smooth to the touch, with a choice of premium Pure Black or sleek Ceramic White on the rear, plus diamond-cut edges to create four stunning patterns across the back and sides. The ZenFone Zoom even has an integrated a safety loop and many stylish strap options, for confident shooting from any angle.

The ZenFone Zoom’s 64-bit quad-core Intel Atom processor carefully balances brilliant performance and superb power efficiency, empowered by Intel’s sophisticated 22nm Silvermont architecture. Intel’s new Tri-Gate transistors have three times (3X) more surface area than planar transistors, enabling the flow of more electrons that increase computing performance and reduce power leakage. Furthermore, coupled with a huge 4GB of fast dual-channel DDR3 RAM, the ZenFone Zoom provides top performance in a smartphone.

More information of the ASUS ZenFone Zoom available in their official press release here.

Exclusive to Starhub

Starting 10 March, customers can visit StarHub’s Online Store at to buy the ZenFone Zoom. Please refer to the below table for details on pricing.


And here’s some shots of the launch event which took place at Parkroyal at Beach Road.

Mr Benson Lin, ASUS Corporate Vice President shared about Zenfone Zoom and I was sold by the quality of photos this phone can produced.
Mr Wang Li-Na, Starhub Head of Product & Marketing and Mr Benson Lin with their ASUS Zenfone Zoom smartphones
Everyone couldn’t wait to get their hands on the ASUS Zenfone Zoom after the presentation.

Am impressed by this album filled with photos taken by Tugo Cheng (Winner of National Geographic International Photo Contest 2015) with the ASUS Zenfone Zoom! Super nice wor!
Bloggers hard at work, who say being a blogger is easy?

CTG: Alcatel Flash 2 – Your Spare Smartphone at Less Than S$200

Thanks to the folks at Alcatel, I got to experience the Alcatel Flash 2 before they launch in Singapore. I did what I used to do a lot in the past here at The Claudia Post, here’s my long-time-no-do-liao Claud Talks Gadget: Alcatel Flash 2.

Unboxing Alcatel Flash 2

The set I got to try was not a local set, so the manual and power adaptor is not for Singapore. Of course the one you order will be in English and comes with the 3-pin plug.

Value For Money, Great for Kids and Grandparents
The Alcatel Flash 2, when I saw it, touched it and got wind of the price, I was already mentally taking order for who to give this to for Christmas. My dad is going to be getting one for sure, cos his phone is hand-me-down from me then to my mum and now to him. And of cos, the Flash 2 camera is better, so he can take better and sharper in focused photos of his grandkids to use as his wallpaper!

See even the packaging looks so good! No one will know its a phone less than $200 loh!

Retailing at just S$199 without contract, this is the cheapest smartphone that gives you a powerful camera and some awesome specifications. You can buy it online at from 4 December. Just in time for Christmas!

Full set of accessories and even comes with screen protector and leather case, all for just S$199! Set in photo not the local set, Singapore units will come with our standard 3-pin adaptor.

Original Android Lollipop OS
If you are one of those who gets irritated by the numerous apps that come pre-installed in your new smartphone, you’ll be happy to know that Alcatel has keep it as bare as possible. Comes as it is with the authentic Android L UI, similar to the Huawei NEXUS aka Google phone. No branded theme or skin overlaying the original OS.

Taking Mobile Photography To Next Level (They call it Mobigraphy)
Alcatel’s dedication for mobigraphy gives a complete and growing multi-feature camera to ensure that you always have the most needed creative tools for your mobigraphy journey. You can shoot in manual settings, take time lapse videos and capture panorama pictures with the front camera. Other camera features you will see in the Alcatel Flash 2 includes Super Fine, HDR, Face Beauty, Multi-Angle, PIP (Picture in Picture) Mode and even create Live photo. I’ve yet tried all the features, will share more on Instagram when I do!

There’s also a dedicated shutter button for quick switch from phone to camera. Something you don’t find in many phones these days.

Exclusive gSight. Camera Technologies
The gSight. camera is born to deliver superior image quality. The 13MP Samsung S5K3M2 ISOCELL sensor, ƒ/2.0 aperture and 0.3 seconds Phase Detection Auto Focus provides fast, sharp and powerful camera experience. With RealTone flash gives an extra advantage in low light conditions while maintaining the colors as true as possible to real life.

Design to Be Profie Cam
For the Profie Cam. front camera, Flash 2 has the distinct LED flash, shedding light to the users’ selfies. With the advancement of the wider 84 degrees angle, selfie taking with families and friends improves tremendously as you can fit even more people into the photo, and never leave anyone out in capturing your special moments.

Robust 64-bit Octa-core Processor
Built with the incredibly powerful 64-bit octa-core 1.3Ghz Cortex-A53 MT6753 Processor along with the 2GB LPDDR3 SDRAM, the Flash 2 delivers robust performance for heavy duty usage. Users can multitask seamlessly. For peak graphic performance, the l Flash 2 comes with the Mali-T720MP4 GPU.

Pricing & Availability
The Flash 2 (Volcanic Grey) will be available on 4 December 2015 at M1 and Lazada Singapore for $199. Flash 2 flip cover and screen protector will be bundled as a standard in-box accessories.

Check out their website for full specifications and features at Follow Alcatel OneTouch on Facebook at for latest information and promotions.

Buy the phone now on:



Check out details on Alcatel OneTouch page on Facebook for contest details.

Experienced The Volvo S60 T5, A Dynamic Experience with World-first Technologies

No! This first photo is of cos not the new Volvo S60 T5, it’s a 740 Sedan by Volvo in the 1980s. A classic and very powerful drive I must say.

The past weekend was filled with lots of driving around and enjoying the comfort of driving and being driven in the new Volve S60 T5. The second time I got to drive a Volvo, my previous drive was a vintage Volvo Sedan from the 1980s which my dad was lucky enough to own it for 2 years some 10+ years ago before it was sent to the scrap yard. And like before, the drive in the Volvo S60 T5 is remarkably comfortable and safe, and very drivable. The vintage Volvo I drove looked something like the one above.

Volvo S60 T5 Review

Before I begin…

Like my tech gadgets, I am not into the technical aspect of things. For me, its how I feel using it, how well it matches my lifestyle and whether or not it falls under the needs or the wants in my list. If you want to know the “human” element of how the Volvo S60 T5 performs, read on. If you are into the details and technicality of the vehicle, head over to read Chester’s experience during his drive with the Volvo S60.

Volvo S60 T5 Review

For the Sporty Family Guy

When I first saw the car at the Volvo Showroom, I was immediately attracted by it’s smooth curves and fierce “jaw lines” on the face of the Volvo S60 T5. Designed to resemble the eyes of the wolf, the headlight design gives the S60 a more focused and determined look. With emphasised horizontal lines at the front, wider grille without chrome frame which adds to the sportiness and modernity, and daylight running lights positioned low to the ground gives the S60 a striking, road-hugging presence.

The steering wheel comes with paddle shifters that give you the opportunity to shift gear manually with both hands on the wheel. Think dragging like a real race car driver!

Volvo S60 T5 Review

Volvo S60 T5 Review
Frameless grille giving it a very modern look

For family guy who wants a sporty looking car, Volvo S60 comes with new Sports seat that hugs and supports you from the thighs to your shoulders keeping you firmly in position when cornering at speed. The S60 also is very functional and usable as a family sedan, with ample boot space in the S60, fitting in not just our bulky City Select Double Stroller, but fits everything else that we had to lugged out with two kids and all the shopping we did over the weekend. This car can also be used for the once in a blue moon home decor visits to Ikea, with the back seats flat down, you can probably fit a dining table top right into the S60 too.

Volvo S60 T5 Review

Volvo S60 T5 Review

High Power Yet Fuel Efficient

Over the three days drive, we clocked about 184KM in total and the tank was still about three-fifth filled when we returned the car. The Volvo S60 comes with a 2.0L turbocharged T5 variant with 245 bhp and 350 Nm of torque, and a new 8-speed automatic gearbox which contributes to the refined drive and excellent fuel economy. With CO2 emissions down to a class-leading 139g/km, the fuel consumption is as low as 6.0L/100KM (lowest in the T5 series). Acceleration from 0-100KM in 6.3 secs, fastest in the T5 series.

Very Safe Drive and Ride

The Volvo S60 has a very solid and steady body, we felt very safe and protected when traveling in it. The solid built gives everyone an extra sense of confidence and I for once wasn’t looking out for cars getting too near to ours when my partner is driving. I got to sit and just enjoy the ride.

The S60 also comes with smart technologies that boost up the safety-ness of the drive. Some of my favourite from their features include:

  • Cornering Light for Better Visibility – it automatically lights up the area you are steering towards.
  • Lane Keeping Aid – applying extra steering torque to the steering column when the car gets close to a lane marking, this is active at speeds between 65km/h and 200km/h applying gentle steering wheel torque to help you steer back onto course.
  • City Safety – active at speed up to 50km/h, the car auto brakes if you fail to react in time when vehicle in front slows down or stops, or if the car is approaching a stationery vehicle too fast.

So buy or not to buy?

Buy of course, if you can afford and wants a drivable and versatile sedan. With its fuel efficiency, its fits those who clocks high mileage. The comfort and usability fits the lifestyle and needs for a family of 4 to 5. And the sporty and modern exterior and interior is very suitable for the young and young at heart. Quoting my dad, “If I strike Big Sweep, I’ll order three for all of us!“. I shall continue to dream and wish he really strike first prize next month! LOL!

Other details of the Volvo S60

Volvo S60 T5 Review

Volvo S60 T5 Review
Light up your car in dark carparks with your key remote.
Volvo S60 T5 Review
Smart key with information button to detach if the car is locked, unlocked or warming up.
Volvo S60 T5 Review
16″ steel wheel with full controls and paddle switch for manual gear change.
Volvo S60 T5 Review
Power driver seat with memory function for seat and side mirrors, ideal for family shared cars. No more adjusting after every change of driver, just press and select!
Volvo S60 T5 Review
Electrically operated parking brake, headlamp level adjuster and easy access to boot and petrol door.

Volvo S60 T5 Review

Volvo S60 T5 Review
Three themes to select for driver’s dashboard – Performance, Eco and Elegance.

Volvo S60 T5 Review

Volvo S60 T5 Review

Volvo S60 T5 Review