Ok, I know I’m slower than some of you, but hey! I just got hold of the show! Couldn’t stand the wait for it to download, so I got it from friends instead. And FINALLY got time to watch it!

Spent the whole day and night watching it! Even brought my mac out for dinner so that I can continue watching while on the way… at 15 now. Got till 18eps, still waiting for someone to pass me 19-23… yap! I’ll find time to get it from you alright!

For those who still aren’t catching up with it yet! Go watch it! Its addictive I tell you… I can’t stop!

8 more to watch… but hmm… wonder when season 2’s coming on… hoho!

The Lake House

Saw a popcorn set at GV featuring The Lake House and took a closer look at the box. Then I realised at once that it’s going to be one show that I cannot miss! I think it’s going to be something similar to my favourite favourite favourite korean movie il^mare which I watched few years back. I fell in love with the story and then later found another similar concept korean movie which at this time, can’t remember the title.

For those who loves and adore the movie il^mare, watch out for The Lake House coming to cinema real soon!