Ok, I know I’m slower than some of you, but hey! I just got hold of the show! Couldn’t stand the wait for it to download, so I got it from friends instead. And FINALLY got time to watch it!

Spent the whole day and night watching it! Even brought my mac out for dinner so that I can continue watching while on the way… at 15 now. Got till 18eps, still waiting for someone to pass me 19-23… yap! I’ll find time to get it from you alright!

For those who still aren’t catching up with it yet! Go watch it! Its addictive I tell you… I can’t stop!

8 more to watch… but hmm… wonder when season 2’s coming on… hoho!

Latest companion

After 1 year 3 months with you, I decided to change to another lover…

Haha! Nope, nothing’s wrong with my love life! It’s just a change of my daily companion for my sight.

Said goodbye to ixus700 today and welcomed the new fujiZ3!

Photo taken from Fuji website.

Nope, I didn’t get the pink one! Caused its not available yet. Got the steady silver one. Love the way it feels on my palm. So sleek and smooth. Going to buy a neck strap and wear it everywhere I go in style! :D

Haven’t got chance to test it out yet, charging still in progress… but watch out for test shots by the Z3 soon… :)


Have you tried Picasa? It’s way cool! And best part that it’s FREE!

If you’re like me, with lots of photos all over your PC and many times can’t find them when you need it, you MUST give Picasa a try! Now I can scroll through ALL my photos from my computer within seconds!