5 Reasons Why Music Is The Best Training Buddy – UA Headphones Wireless Review

JBL UA Headphones Source: Lemon-film.com

It is incredibly difficult to get a training buddy due to everyone’s hectic schedules, work and family commitments. We usually end up training alone and stopping our training pre-maturely without exploring our full potential. In recent years, I had turned to Music as my training buddy and it had become my best training buddy who is always “on” with a press of a button.

Here are my top 5 reasons why Music is my top buddy choice.

Music distracts me and makes me less aware of my physical exertion.
With music going on in the background. I tend to focus on the beat and forgotten about the side stitch or the muscle ache after my 6th rep.

The beat of the music motivates.
The more upbeat the music, the more motivating it is. For me, a music with 120bpm works best!

Music zones me out.
Music puts my body into the “flight” zone. It is like the “Rocky” movie, when the music comes on, your body know is “flight” time!

JBL Image 3

The beat keeps me in pace.
The beat of the music during training is important for me. It sets the pace of my training.

Music puts me in the mood.
Lastly, due to our hectic schedules, you are not always in the mood for physical exertion but you know exercising is going to help you in de-stressing. This is when Music comes into “play”, putting me in the mood and cutting me off from all the excuses not to start working out.

This is why it is exceptionally important to get a good headphones to make sure your training buddy delivers its performance. As an active user, it is essential that the headphones deliver its performance in terms of fit, music quality and ease of use/durability! JBL Under Armour Headphones is one of the sports headphones out there that had gotten both mine and my “training buddy’s” attention!

Source: Lemon-film.com

The headphones come with 2 sizes of ergonomic ear tips, making it possible to customize the fit of the earphone. On top of that, it comes with a twist lock function that gets activated with a slight stretch of the attached enhancers. This earphone prevents my training buddy from being cut off due to the ear piece falling out. A good fit also prevents a reservoir forming in your ear due to sweat collecting in the space in between, we all know this can get quite uncomfortable. It is a premium headphone in the comfort department, but maybe a small room of improvement, to provide one more size for the ear tips!

JBL Image2

After 1 hour of usage, the ear can get slightly sore with the headphones twist locked in, hence probably a size smaller for the Asian market might provide a more comfortable fit!

Music Quality
JBL Sound is a quality that we know we can trust. The bass performance is a pure enjoyment during training, motivating and keeping me in pace, especially during cardio training. The mid and high tones are not any less impressive. We always have the impression that a blue tooth earphones is going to compromise on sound quality over ease of use, but it doesn’t quite apply to this headphones, very minimal loss of sound quality! If you like the feeling of the music blasting in the background of your gym, you are going to like this mobile stereo system that you effortlessly wear in your ear during training!

Source: Lemon-film.com

Ease of use and Durability
For active users like me, ease of use and durability is important, as we are not going to invest in a good set of premium headphones and change it monthly. I had destroyed a few good sets of earphones prior to this all thanks to my active sweat glands and my messy wire entangling habit. However, the JBL Under Armour headphones had withstand a few good sessions of running and gym workout proving its sweat proof and durable features. The eight hours of battery life after one full charge also means that I only need to recharge it twice a month. This headphone also ensures that you stay connected during your training with the 3 button mic, ensuring that we are still able to pick up that important call when is needed. This headphone had surpasses my expectations in the ease of use and durability department.

One of the quality that I had not mentioned above and subconsciously it had been steering my preference over to this headphones, is the outlook. A sleek design in black and a striking red logo, makes it easy to match with any training gear, subtle but yet attractive. Yes, outlook matters!

Other than the size of the ergonomic ear tips that might be a consideration point for those who wear the earphones for long duration timing, the JBL Under Armour headphones had proven itself to be the best training buddy for your next workout!

This post is written by Jeff, guest contributor for Claudia.sg.

Blog is so left out. Anyone still reading this?

This blog is so outdated. There isn’t much to write about these days, except for the sharing of press releases which I seriously still have second thoughts of doing. I know some blogs are doing very well just by sharing press releases and categorizing them nicely. But but but… *shrugs*

Just checked my google analytics after many many months, and its comforting to see that the traffic is still going well. Many old posts are still very much relevant and well searched. Bulk of it are on my traveling and staycation posts. I need more time and money to do more of that.

If you are from a PR agency and reading this, here are some useful statistics for your reference and consideration. If it doesn’t impress you, please do not waste your time and mine to pitch your clients to me. It happened too often lately and I really *shake head* when some of you simply just stopped replying my questions half way through the discussions. I’m not asking for money from you (I know you don’t have any budget), just asking for more time for product reviews (cos I am working full-time like you) and perhaps some products samples to giveaway (I want to help you increase reach too). If its that hard to tell me, “Sorry we can’t do that, are you still keen to proceed…” so hard to type in words?

Anyway, here are the statistics that you can use for your pitch and reports:

  • Average monthly pageviews: 4,000
  • Average monthly unique views: 3,500
  • Average page per visit: 2.3
  • Top content: Travel, Staycations in Singapore, Product reviews and Food postings

To contact me, please send them via this contact form.

Canon PIXMA printers getting sleeker and I’m loving them

Canon printers have been my all-time choice printer for home and work. I’ve been using Canon since my first printer purchased. Once I tried to “jump ship” to another brand, I regretted soon after and got back to Canon.

Canon’s latest range of PIXMA printer looks sleek and cool. And best part is that is so very affordable with the lowest model starting at just S$79!

PIXMA MP237 RRP S$79, available end Oct 2012

Key features: Quiet Mode, My Image Garden software and Print Your Days software Print Resolution: up to 4800 x 1200 dpi, FINE cartridge
Print Speed (4×6” photo): approx. 40sec (bordered)
Print Speed (document): approx. 4.8ipm (colour) / approx. 7.0ipm (B&W)
Copy Speed: approx. 1.8ipm (colour)
Scan Resolution: 600 x 1200dpi CIS
Dimensions (WxDxH): approx. 444 x 329 x 153mm

PIXMA MG2270 RRP S$119, available end Oct 2012

Key features: FastFront, Quiet Mode, My Image Garden software and Print Your Days software
Print Resolution: up to 4800 x 1200 dpi, FINE cartridge
Print Speed (4×6” photo): approx. 44sec (borderless)
Print Speed (document): approx. 4.8 ipm (colour) / approx. 8.4 ipm (B&W) Copy Speed: approx. 2.5ipm (colour)
Scan Resolution: 1200 x 2400 dpi CIS
Dimensions (WxDxH): approx. 449 x 304 x 152mm

PIXMA MG4270 RRP S$169, available end Oct 2012

Key features: WiFi, AirPrint, PIXMA Cloud Link, Auto Duplex Print, FastFront, Quiet Mode, My Image Garden software and Print Your Days software
Print Resolution: up to 4800 x 1200dpi, FINE cartridge
Print speed (4×6” photo): approx. 44sec (borderless)
Print Speed (document): approx. 5.7 ipm (colour) / approx. 9.9 ipm (B&W) Copy Speed: approx. 4.3ipm (colour)
Scan Resolution: 1200 x 2400dpi CIS
Dimensions (WxDxH): approx. 449 x 304 x 152mm

The PIXMA MG4270 comes with Wi-Fi connectivity, allowing for Wired LAN connections via IEEE802.11b/g/n standards. Besides the easy connectivity to PCs, notebooks, and tablet PCs, the Wi-Fi capability also grants the PIXMA MG4270 Apple AirPrint support. Apple AirPrint allows iOS devices to seamlessly connect to the PIXMA MG4270 without installing any device drivers.

The PIXMA MG4270 is capable of printing online photos and useful stationery templates directly off the Internet. This can be done without a PC as its Wi-Fi capability lets users access Canon’s PIXMA Cloud Link. It also supports Google Cloud Print, which enables users to print Gmail messages or Google Docs from their smartphone or tablet.