Blog is so left out. Anyone still reading this?

This blog is so outdated. There isn’t much to write about these days, except for the sharing of press releases which I seriously still have second thoughts of doing. I know some blogs are doing very well just by sharing press releases and categorizing them nicely. But but but… *shrugs*

Just checked my google analytics after many many months, and its comforting to see that the traffic is still going well. Many old posts are still very much relevant and well searched. Bulk of it are on my traveling and staycation posts. I need more time and money to do more of that.

If you are from a PR agency and reading this, here are some useful statistics for your reference and consideration. If it doesn’t impress you, please do not waste your time and mine to pitch your clients to me. It happened too often lately and I really *shake head* when some of you simply just stopped replying my questions half way through the discussions. I’m not asking for money from you (I know you don’t have any budget), just asking for more time for product reviews (cos I am working full-time like you) and perhaps some products samples to giveaway (I want to help you increase reach too). If its that hard to tell me, “Sorry we can’t do that, are you still keen to proceed…” so hard to type in words?

Anyway, here are the statistics that you can use for your pitch and reports:

  • Average monthly pageviews: 4,000
  • Average monthly unique views: 3,500
  • Average page per visit: 2.3
  • Top content: Travel, Staycations in Singapore, Product reviews and Food postings

To contact me, please send them via this contact form.

Getting A Little Less Personal

I scrolled through my recent posts and realised this blog of mine is getting lesser and lesser attention from myself and very sadly, its getting even less personal than before.

There are so many life changing things happening this year but I’m not able to share them out loud here. Its sad but somethings are better left private. Even had to change my Facebook security settings to ensure things that are not to be public remains hidden.

Wish my life was simpler. But I’m living it to the fullest I’m sure!

If you’re trying to dig anything from here about my present and future life, I’m sorry you won’t be getting much of it. This will become the public domain where I share things I come across occasionally that interests me or may interests you.

Please don’t stop visiting. There’s always the giveaway and once-in-a-blue-moon surprises in here. I promise.

In another news, have you seen Rediscover Singapore? Its so cool I’m so in love with it! Many exciting things rolling out there soon! I love my crew!

An Open Letter From Claudia’s Blog

Hi! I’m the blog.

Claudia the Panda is busy and has not been updating me as regularly as before. And I’m sad.

Two years ago, she would share her adventures with me the very same night; or sometimes almost instantly as the event unfolds as she live blog. When she does that, I get many hits and link love. I was loving every moment of it then. But now, I get hit and missed almost as fast as you can read “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious”.

I sensed that many of my relatives are having the same problem too. The owner gets too busy with work or overwhelmed with the number of happenings around her, and we get ignored. When owners ignore us for too long, we die a silent and painful death.

You see, I come from a huge family of many even larger families. Our god (Google) is a very powerful one. We worship her religiously, without her shine of light on us, we will never get any hit at all. When that happens, we die. Many of my relatives died tragically and I don’t want that to happen to me. I want our god to keep shining her almighty light on me and keep me alive.

Claudia the Panda seemed to have diverted her attention to new sisters and brothers of mine which I never ever wished for! There is the one for ladies and tech, the one for rediscovering Singapore, the one where she post via email, the one for her and her man and the one where she doesn’t know what the hell she’s doing with. And I wonder what other siblings of mine are brewing in her mind! Why can’t she just focus on me alone? Aren’t I good enough for her?

I wish Claudia the Panda will keep posting content in me. Feed me with text love and help me get link love. I don’t want to die. I want to be loved like before. I want to get hit the moment she returns from an event. I want to get link love because of her lovely photos she takes of people at these great events. Ok, for this, I blame the my relative’s big brother (Facebook). Ever since he came into the world, Claudia the Panda only uploads photo to Facebook and tag people there, she no longer share it in me. My love and hits had all gone to the relative’s big brother. I’m sad.

If you are a friend of Claudia the Panda, please tell her to stop neglecting me. Tell her that she need to continue to love me and fill me up so that I can be kept alive.

Thank you very much for reading this.

Needing lots of content and love,
The Blog of Claudia the Panda