I love taking photos of my Pinky:st… but now, they’re all kept in their boxes and stored away… I miss bringing them out for photoshoots. But untill the day I get buy another DSLR, I think they’ll be kept in there for a while.

Here are some of my favourite collection of my cute little pinky:st…

At Pulau Ubin with fellow CSers…

other random shots…

Pinky:st unite! The only thorn among the roses… Agito.

At Big Walk 2006

Come fly away with me… to BKK…

At BMW F1 Press Conference

Visiting Kampong Buangkok

More shots of my pinky:st in my Flickr Album

10 thoughts on “Photos

  1. Hi Claudia,

    Your photos are very well taken. Makes me feel like taking my pinky out for photoshoot this weekend.

  2. Hi Claudia,
    Love your Pinky shots. mind sharing what camera you were using to shoot this pinky and wat was the setting ?

  3. hi yoshima, all these photos were taken almost a year ago, can’t really rem what’s the settings and i’ve to find the DVDs which i saved them to get the original shots. photos taken either with nikon D70s or Fuji Z3. (mostly with D70s, except those taken overseas.)

  4. Think its from some comic shop or you’ll have to search for those shops that sells manga/anime figurines. If my memory serves me well, they are characters from “Air Gear”.

    Nice pictures Claudia! Like your work. You only take pictures of your figurines?

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