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Beautiful People and Great Food at 10@Claymore

August 13, 2010  |  Food Guide, Her Viewfinder  |  No Comments

Thanks to nice people at Pan Pacific and Citibank, I’d a chance to savor great food and enjoy the great company of friends and partners. Wished the night could rewind and play again, with me feeling pink instead of green.

10@Claymore introduced a new menu two months or so ago, and there’s no need for graphical representation on their giant menu. What you read is what you’ll get, just 10x better when the elegant serving with pure goodness and no fuss is presented to you.

There were simply too much food served that night. Remembering all the goodness and taste would have killed me from hunger. Perhaps I have my flu to thanks, I could only recall the one dish I had and the dish that I savored slowly on my own. Read More

First Team Retreat and BBQ

January 18, 2010  |  Events & Outings, Work Related  |  1 Comment

Last week, my lovely team at 24seven had our first team retreat at Aloha Loyang. The 3 days spent together was a fruitful and rejuvenating experience. We’ve got quite a lot of stuff ironed out and planned. 2010 is looking very exciting!

We’ve also invited fellow bloggers and friends for a BBQ on Wednesday night. It was a simple affair and everyone had fun (right?). I love gatherings like this. Fuss-free and casual.

As the team was occupied with “tasks” on hand that night – Kris and me at the BBQ pits, Eevon the bartender and Diana ensuring everyone gets food to eat, we didn’t have extra pair of hands for photo taking. Thanks to those who came and brought home happy photos from that night!

My best shot from that night thanks Chin for this!

More of his photos can be found on flickr.
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It was a blast! Hat-py Party a success!

30th December came and go in a flash. It was one of the biggest gathering of bloggers 24seven has hosted since its birth in Dec 2008. Yes, technically speaking, that party could also be seen as to mark the first year anniversary for 24seven. Happy Birthday 24seven! LOL!

The door bitches of that night. Molemole, me and Eevon.

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Sunday Funout with Minmin

August 22, 2009  |  Events & Outings, Our Girl  |  1 Comment

Last Sunday, it was Minmin day! It was THE day that Abang and I will always look forward to every month.

Minmin Funday Out

That morning, we picked Min up at 10am and head over to Kallang for breakfast. It was something we don’t get to do often. After breakfast, we headed over to Sims Drive for a K1 race with fellow blogger friends.

The concept of K1 was born when CS Racing and the Singapore Motor Sports Association came together with one common goal – to develop the future of Motorsports in Singapore by raising awareness and interest among the community.

There was also a F1 model car on display for photo taking and display of photos from past F1 seasons too. Infusing the F1 experience even in the neighborhood. How I wish the K1 karting experience would be around Sengkang! How can not take photos since we’re there leh?

Before getting ourselves into the race, everyone will have to sign an indemnity form. Maciam like sign our life away lah! But this is necessary for all such activities. Nothing to worry about, cause safety always come first for the organisers and helpers at the carnival.

Minmin wanted to drive around the circuit too, but she’s underage. So we took a photo with the K1 karts instead. She was a little shy as usual at first, but eventually went for it, the temptation too hard to resists. There was also a little boy who was crying out loud at the carnival, wanting to join his elder sisters and father in the race, but he’s way too young for it. The organisers pacified him by bringing him in to take a shot with the K1 kart on display too. This display is for use at the safety talk prior to every race.

Experience with the kart was fun! Though speed limit was capped at 25km/h for safety reason at such carnival, driving the K1 kart around the narrow circuit was still quite a challenge and still as exciting. I’m sure the other bloggers who were there all have their stories to tell. Links to their post at end of this post. Abang went for the race too. He loved it! And we’ll be doing it again!

If you would like to give K1 karting a try too, head over to their carnival over the next few Sundays! Each race at $5.

  • 23 Aug, 10am to 6pm at Ang Mo Kio Ave 3 – Carpark beside Block 324
  • 6 Sep, 10am to 6pm at Coleman Street – Beside St Andrew’s Cathedral
    (THIS WE’LL BE THERE!!! Drop me a message if you want to join us.)
  • 13 Sep, 9am to 2pm at Carpark of Block 510. West Coast Drive

Do take note of the requirements for participants!


For more details, please refer to their website.

Read what other bloggers said about their K1 experience…

Tips on surviving 24hr with no sleep

July 15, 2009  |  Happenings  |  3 Comments

If you were to stay awake for 24hours, what would you do? This weekend, ten of us would be put to the test of surviving a 24hr Blogathon inside TANGS display windows! Theoretically speaking, we will be living on more than 24hr without sleep from Friday to Saturday! Simple math…

Working backwards:

  • Sat 8pm: Reach home, shower and KO (hopefully!)
  • Sat 7pm: Dinner (if there’s still energy left)
  • Sat 6pm: End of Blogathon (#bthon)
  • Fri 6pm: Start of Blogathon
  • Fri 5pm: Reporting time to change and setup
  • Fri 4pm: (For myself) Meet Cheryl at Tangs to try the pair of shoes I selected
  • Fri 3pm: Leave home for Orchard
  • Fri 2pm: Shower and get ready for 24hr w/o showering!
  • Fri 1pm: Get some work done and assigned.
  • Fri 12pm: If I can make myself sleep till 12pm that’ll be best! If I jump out of bed before 12pm than also no choice lah!

So you see! Base on my calculation, I will have to be awake from 12pm Fri to about 9pm on Sat. I hope I can survive that!


To prep myself for this ultimate challenge, I’m going to start listing down the things that I’ll have to bring to keep me occupied for the 24hr and some tips on how I am going to stay awake.

Claudia’s packing list for #bthon

The tech stuff:

  • DSLR camera
  • Tripod for DSLR camera
  • Mobile PhoneS + charger(Yes! More than one)
  • Sony Walkman + USB cable
  • Nitendo DSlite + charger
  • Multi-plug adapter
  • USB Hub
  • Remembering all my passwords!

Non-tech stuff:

  • Face towel to freshen up
  • Wet facial tissue + Wet Wipes + Kao Biore Body Powdersheet
  • Tissue paper
  • Fluffy pillow to hug and support my chin when my head feels heavy (To buy one on Fri!)
  • Sour and mint candies
  • Whiteboard + markers + duster
  • Muji notebook + pens for doodling
  • Vicks inhaler + Vicks rub + Kiehl’s multi purpose balm aka Superbly Restorative Skin Slave
  • Body mists + perfume
  • Toothpicks
  • Listerine mouth wash
  • Hair clips
  • Sunglasses + Cap (I’ve got hootie!) for the morning and noon sunlight
  • Sweater for the night coldness
  • list to be continued… what else will I need?

Claudia’s tips for surviving #bthon

  • Watch movies/ drama online (suggested by molemole)
  • Revamp my blog theme (again)
  • Play games online or on DSlite
  • Eat sour candies/ sweet
  • Chat with fellow bloggers in other windows, at home or wherever they may be via MSN/ Twitter
  • Plan for my new project idea
  • Catch up on my blog posts (many many outstanding!)
  • anymore suggestions?

The 10 bloggers in blogathon are:

Come by TANGS (Orchard) on Fri-Sat to see us in action!

We are all storytellers…

June 26, 2009  |  Social Media  |  3 Comments

… and which story one decides to read and believe depends on that reader’s preference, choice, taste, understanding of the topic and knowledge.

It was the first social media discussion that got all hot and sweaty (literally) over at Open Room tonight. Only Ogilvy dares to do something that most brands and agencies are afraid of, mixing the traditional media (TM) journalists with the social media (SM) bloggers together in the same room to discuss about Journalism. And may I quote, Journalism as explained in my trusty dictionary in my macbook states that – “the activity or profession of writing for newspapers or magazines or of broadcasting news on radio or television.” Hmm… nope, it didn’t include bloggers nor online digital storytellers. Let’s see what Wikipedia (the community dictionary) explains Journalism…

Journalism is the production of news reports and editorials through media such as newspapers, magazines, radio, television and the Internet. Journalists—be they writers, editors, photographers, broadcast presenters or producers—serve as the main purveyors of information and opinion in contemporary society.

There. The community speaks.

What am I trying to proof here? The way content is consumed depends on the way a person prefers or are aware of. Both the TM and SM know very well about this and they do well serving their own group of audiences. Let’s take the big boy in TM for instance, they’ve got BT for the business minded individuals, New Paper and Wan Bao for the tabloids and sensational news, and they’ve got magazines catered for different types of population. As for ST, guess I’m classifying it under the general category. Just like most of the blogs here in Singapore. No niche, just write whatever they were told to and censor whatever that’s not to be told.

In SM, there are blogs, websites, forums and lots of people we can follow on twitter, facebook, plurk or whichever social networking site you can name. But the smart users who are using these tools read, follow or participate in their selection due to their choice and needs. I won’t follow someone whose tweet nothing but conversation between his/her followers nor will I want to read a blog on a regular basis if that writer simply posts random things that doesn’t matter to me. Smart users know how to filter out the noise and focus on what matters to them. Same goes for TM. No one (with no reason other than its job responsibilities) will read every single publication and every single page in the TM publications.

Yes, I agree with Daryl that habits die hard (for the older generation), but for the young ones, we pick up new things everyday and our habit changes as we grow together with this new channel of information that’s available for free. And these young ones are eventually going to continue to grow and progress and changing their daily habits. Whether or not reading the newspaper daily will eventually become one of their favorite pastime in years to come, no one knows. Perhaps they’ll still read about the news, but from other channels and ways. So the questions now is how are the TM and SM storytellers evolving and embracing this change to match what may come in the future? Its about delivering the right content when the user wants it. Not when you think they want it. Consumer always have their final choice. No one can force them.

Than there’s the thing about credibility and professionalism. TM journalists state that they are the credible sources, but what about the many misquotes, over sensationalizing of topics, featuring article of certain products as there’s sponsorship involved, reporting of things that they see only one side of the picture, and publishing news that are of no need for public concern e.g. death of someone due to suicide. Personally I have got bad experiences with these things. How can I trust 101% that the TM is giving us accurate and credible news? What about the parts that were not published?

If citizenship journalism is encouraged by the TM, than what makes the differences from a blogger reporting about an incident or happening on their own blog or twitter as they’d encountered it and a citizen that posts up to Stomp? Citizens are encouraged to Stomp about happenings so that the big boys can get the traffic from tabloid or gossip hunters to visit their website, increase their pageviews and get advertising dollars from all the flashing irritating banner ads. If they can do that, than why can’t the bloggers?

On a final note, I’ve to say this again – I read what I want to read, if I’m not interested in the war that’s happening out there nor the new jet that some army purchased, I can’t be bothered. When I really need to find them, I search! If google or yahoo (or bing) doesn’t list your content within the first 3 to 4 pages, I’m sorry you didn’t reach me. Eventually I’ll get my source from somewhere else. Whether or not the source is 100% reliable, its all up to the smart reader to decide.

Updates – posts I want to remember

Can you tell me who else I can invite?

March 27, 2009  |  Social Media, Work Related  |  3 Comments

Often I’ll receive emails or calls from friends from agencies asking if I know of anyone (bloggers) who would be interested in their client’s product or service. Perhaps they ask everyone they know for referrals, like how financial planner does the referral system where you give 3 to 5 new leads for them. And often, those names you give them are people whom you have on your blacklist. YES?

But for social media blogger engagement, I can’t do that. As a community member and one whom has a reputation to uphold, I cannot just pop a few names out and refer them. When I do ever make referrers, I give quality ones with certain standards and who are interested in the subject matter. If you have a relationship with me, often I would be more than willing to help. But if we hardly communicate and the only time I see your name is in my inbox with a BCC press release or media invitation, sorry, can’t help you.

Reason is simple. You’re not listening and participating enough.

There have been many talks and posts on how important relationship and contacts is in the game of social media. Well, at least in context of an event invitation or a possible test drive of products. And there are plenty of ways you can start building that relationship. Or at least, be seen elsewhere other than just their inbox.

Some of the things you can do to start the relationship (and build it):

  • Add them in facebook
    And keep in touch regularly or comment on their posts/updates.
  • Follow them in twitter or plurk
    And participate in discussion or drop a hello once awhile. These are great listening tools too!
  • Read their blogs and start commenting
    Hello! You’re engaging bloggers right? They blog right? They blog because they want people to read and participate in discussions/ commenting right? So… are you giving them what they want before you asking them to give you what you want?
  • Be part of the communities
    There are so many social events and gatherings! Join in! Introduce yourself and be seen. If you are not willing to commit some extra hours outside of the official hours, than perhaps you’re not ready. And did I mention that some potential clients are there to observe too? So where are you???

If all the above is beyond what your time and energy permits, than perhaps a system can be put in place to help you. Would you like one which can help you filter out the quality content providers that fits your target audience and list of criteria? How about one that will display very nice profile view of where the person is active in, his highlighted (or best) entries, his authority and influence level? Wouldn’t that be nice? But still, its only a system. The relationship building part still has to be injected somewhere in the process. Are you prepared to do that?

If you’re ready or think that you’ll be in months to come, perhaps you can be looking forward to a system like this, let me help keep you posted. You can sign-up for updates and news here. I believe this system will come in very helpful.