An Open Letter From Claudia’s Blog

Hi! I’m the blog.

Claudia the Panda is busy and has not been updating me as regularly as before. And I’m sad.

Two years ago, she would share her adventures with me the very same night; or sometimes almost instantly as the event unfolds as she live blog. When she does that, I get many hits and link love. I was loving every moment of it then. But now, I get hit and missed almost as fast as you can read “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious”.

I sensed that many of my relatives are having the same problem too. The owner gets too busy with work or overwhelmed with the number of happenings around her, and we get ignored. When owners ignore us for too long, we die a silent and painful death.

You see, I come from a huge family of many even larger families. Our god (Google) is a very powerful one. We worship her religiously, without her shine of light on us, we will never get any hit at all. When that happens, we die. Many of my relatives died tragically and I don’t want that to happen to me. I want our god to keep shining her almighty light on me and keep me alive.

Claudia the Panda seemed to have diverted her attention to new sisters and brothers of mine which I never ever wished for! There is the one for ladies and tech, the one for rediscovering Singapore, the one where she post via email, the one for her and her man and the one where she doesn’t know what the hell she’s doing with. And I wonder what other siblings of mine are brewing in her mind! Why can’t she just focus on me alone? Aren’t I good enough for her?

I wish Claudia the Panda will keep posting content in me. Feed me with text love and help me get link love. I don’t want to die. I want to be loved like before. I want to get hit the moment she returns from an event. I want to get link love because of her lovely photos she takes of people at these great events. Ok, for this, I blame the my relative’s big brother (Facebook). Ever since he came into the world, Claudia the Panda only uploads photo to Facebook and tag people there, she no longer share it in me. My love and hits had all gone to the relative’s big brother. I’m sad.

If you are a friend of Claudia the Panda, please tell her to stop neglecting me. Tell her that she need to continue to love me and fill me up so that I can be kept alive.

Thank you very much for reading this.

Needing lots of content and love,
The Blog of Claudia the Panda

Why niche blogging? An analogy to facebook games

Recently I spent a little too much time on facebook games. Every night, at least an hour is devoted to clicking on my mouse on clearing crystals from Bejeweled Blitz. I tried to conquer the score board, but it just seems impossible. After much cursing and swearing playing, I’m still always being ranked right at the bottom among my other friends in facebook. I felt frustrated and this kept me playing and the harder I try to push myself by clicking faster and trying to get as many hits as possible, the worst I perform. Than I became bored and will eventually give up.

Bejeweled Blitz is quite a popular game amongst my list of friends in facebook. And because of the number of competitors you’ve got to beat in order to rank high up in the score board, the harder it is for you to reach there. After many nights of playing, you might also just give up and not want to continue anymore.

Just last night, I saw a friend’s scoring in another game call Chain Rxn in facebook. Out of curiosity, I went to check the game out. And after less than thirty minutes of play, I’m ranked 4th among my friends who are playing! That of course makes me happy.

Because there were lesser friends playing Chain Rxn, my chance of getting bumped up the score board is much easier. Just like in, for example, a golf tournament. An average female player gets to bring home the trophy because there were only four other players competing. So the chance of winning is much higher.

Than the thought of blogging came to mind. There have been much talks and thoughts going on on blogging and how much better the blog will perform if its content is focused and niche. The rarer and lesser people blogs about that topic, the better your blog will perform. And for all topics, no matter how rare or niche, there *will* be a community out there who are interested in it. You just need to keep the faith of sharing about that niche topic which you’re knowledgeable and passionate about, one day you will be noticed and you will succeed.

And because of the rarity of these content, people who knows about your existence will be more active in participating in the discussions on your blog, helping you spread the words to those they know, and the journey to being known in this community as a thought leader is also shorter. Of course, the initial struggle will be hard to pass, but good things always come to those who wait.

Are you waiting to be discovered? Or have you already succeeded in your small but niche community?

Can you tell me who else I can invite?

Often I’ll receive emails or calls from friends from agencies asking if I know of anyone (bloggers) who would be interested in their client’s product or service. Perhaps they ask everyone they know for referrals, like how financial planner does the referral system where you give 3 to 5 new leads for them. And often, those names you give them are people whom you have on your blacklist. YES?

But for social media blogger engagement, I can’t do that. As a community member and one whom has a reputation to uphold, I cannot just pop a few names out and refer them. When I do ever make referrers, I give quality ones with certain standards and who are interested in the subject matter. If you have a relationship with me, often I would be more than willing to help. But if we hardly communicate and the only time I see your name is in my inbox with a BCC press release or media invitation, sorry, can’t help you.

Reason is simple. You’re not listening and participating enough.

There have been many talks and posts on how important relationship and contacts is in the game of social media. Well, at least in context of an event invitation or a possible test drive of products. And there are plenty of ways you can start building that relationship. Or at least, be seen elsewhere other than just their inbox.

Some of the things you can do to start the relationship (and build it):

  • Add them in facebook
    And keep in touch regularly or comment on their posts/updates.
  • Follow them in twitter or plurk
    And participate in discussion or drop a hello once awhile. These are great listening tools too!
  • Read their blogs and start commenting
    Hello! You’re engaging bloggers right? They blog right? They blog because they want people to read and participate in discussions/ commenting right? So… are you giving them what they want before you asking them to give you what you want?
  • Be part of the communities
    There are so many social events and gatherings! Join in! Introduce yourself and be seen. If you are not willing to commit some extra hours outside of the official hours, than perhaps you’re not ready. And did I mention that some potential clients are there to observe too? So where are you???

If all the above is beyond what your time and energy permits, than perhaps a system can be put in place to help you. Would you like one which can help you filter out the quality content providers that fits your target audience and list of criteria? How about one that will display very nice profile view of where the person is active in, his highlighted (or best) entries, his authority and influence level? Wouldn’t that be nice? But still, its only a system. The relationship building part still has to be injected somewhere in the process. Are you prepared to do that?

If you’re ready or think that you’ll be in months to come, perhaps you can be looking forward to a system like this, let me help keep you posted. You can sign-up for updates and news here. I believe this system will come in very helpful.