Claudia’s take on Blogger Outreach in Singapore

It’s been months since I shared my thoughts on social media or blogger outreach/ engagement. My last post was in September! It’s not that I’ve got nothing to share, in fact, I’ve got too many thoughts and opinions that I do not know where to start. And having something up my sleeve *cough*, I’d decided to ignore noises and concentrate on the tasks on hand.

But since there’s some sharing lately on this topic, let’s just carry on with it while everyone’s having this topic in mind. If you’ve not read Brain’s take on why are there blogger events, you might want to pop over first before you continue reading this post.

I’m trying to organize my thoughts as I’m typing this post. So again, it may end up incoherent. I’ll try my best to make it as coherent as possible.

So, the questions that I’m trying to ponder…

  • Why are bloggers being engaged by agencies/ brands?
  • Why they’re invited but not me?” The social media problem.
  • What’s good about getting invited?
  • What’s the bad that others don’t see?
  • So good! They get to play with the latest gadgets!” But are you seeing the process behind it?
  • I don’t have fantastic traffic to my blog. Can I be part of such campaigns?
  • Will this trend continue? My prediction for 2009.

Wow! That looks like a long list of questions and this post is going to take sometime to write. Time now is 1.03am on 29 Nov 2008. Let’s see when I’ll get this post up on my blog…

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