If my cat could talk to me

It’s been about 6 months since I brought him home from SPCA. And we’ve formed quite a unique bond since I see him almost every day. Because I spend more waking hours in the office than at home, Yuniko lives in a window-free room filled with lots of human love.

From the small and skinny kitten, he has grown so fat and cuddly. I blame it on my constant pampering him with food so often right from the start. Good thing he is now learning to control his diet and stops eating once he’s filled. (I think) Continue reading “If my cat could talk to me”

Cat that Tweets and Blogs

Meow~ By now you would already know that I’ve got myself a kitten couple months back. And it has been soooo kawaii and adorable! Of course, there are naughty and hair-pulling moments too. But still he’s such a baby.

If you’re a cat lover or wants to follow his growing progress, you can find him on Twitter and he has started blogging too!

Follow him and subscribe to his feeds if you’re loving him too!

i <3 Yuniko!