Home Wifi Boosted with TP-LINK Archer C5400

If it’s not broken, I won’t bother to fix it. And that was why I had been living in a not-so-fast speed Wifi connection in the house although I’ve got the fastest plan with my service provider. For the past 4 years, we have been using the router that came free with our fiber broadband plan. It provided us with connectivity but it was slow and we had to get broadband homeplug extension so that the three bedrooms have connection too. When we have more than 2 devices connected, the speed will slow down rather drastically.

Because we were too lazy to change the router we lived with it. Until recently, I needed to get bigger files uploaded at home, and also faster download for my Korean Drama fix, I was determined to find a better router.

Lo and behold, we’ve now got the mother of all router (well at least in our household lah), this monster arrived into our house and we are now able to do so much more at much faster speed!

The TP-LINK Archer C5400 is giving us tri-band wireless speed and allow us to connect multiple devices without losing much connectivity speed and is very stable too. Faster everything online is made possible because of the three wireless channels that transmit and receive data simultaneously.

The router is though a lot bigger than my previous one, but it still fits into the space we house our internet routers stuff. It is easy to setup and I didn’t even need to connect my computer to the router. Everything was done wirelessly on the iPad.

Advanced Hardware and Smarter Connections with Archer C5400

The 1.4GHz CPU and its three co-processors in the Archer C5400 handle complex tasks and demanding applications with ease, allowing the router to deliver great performance. NitroQAM Technology makes the processor more efficient, giving you a boost in 25% in overall wireless speeds. The 8 antennas with Beamforming Technology detect the location of your connected devices and concentrate wireless signal strength towards them. The router has comes with Smart Connect Technology that tracks the dynamic conditions on all three bands and balances network loads by identifying each connected devices and automatically assigns it to the best available band.

If you need wired connections, the Archer C5400 comes with four gigabit Ethernet ports, ideal for high-performance Internet access for gaming and streaming.

Now that the home is better connected wirelessly, everyone in the house can enjoy their digital indulgence seamlessly. Even the little ones are happy because their YouTube videos load faster even when Mummy is watching drama on Viu.

The Archer C5400 is available for sale at all resellers at $399. Visit TP-LINK to learn more about their products.

CTG: Alcatel Flash 2 – Your Spare Smartphone at Less Than S$200

Thanks to the folks at Alcatel, I got to experience the Alcatel Flash 2 before they launch in Singapore. I did what I used to do a lot in the past here at The Claudia Post, here’s my long-time-no-do-liao Claud Talks Gadget: Alcatel Flash 2.

Unboxing Alcatel Flash 2

The set I got to try was not a local set, so the manual and power adaptor is not for Singapore. Of course the one you order will be in English and comes with the 3-pin plug.

Value For Money, Great for Kids and Grandparents
The Alcatel Flash 2, when I saw it, touched it and got wind of the price, I was already mentally taking order for who to give this to for Christmas. My dad is going to be getting one for sure, cos his phone is hand-me-down from me then to my mum and now to him. And of cos, the Flash 2 camera is better, so he can take better and sharper in focused photos of his grandkids to use as his wallpaper!

See even the packaging looks so good! No one will know its a phone less than $200 loh!

Retailing at just S$199 without contract, this is the cheapest smartphone that gives you a powerful camera and some awesome specifications. You can buy it online at Lazada.sg from 4 December. Just in time for Christmas!

Full set of accessories and even comes with screen protector and leather case, all for just S$199! Set in photo not the local set, Singapore units will come with our standard 3-pin adaptor.

Original Android Lollipop OS
If you are one of those who gets irritated by the numerous apps that come pre-installed in your new smartphone, you’ll be happy to know that Alcatel has keep it as bare as possible. Comes as it is with the authentic Android L UI, similar to the Huawei NEXUS aka Google phone. No branded theme or skin overlaying the original OS.

Taking Mobile Photography To Next Level (They call it Mobigraphy)
Alcatel’s dedication for mobigraphy gives a complete and growing multi-feature camera to ensure that you always have the most needed creative tools for your mobigraphy journey. You can shoot in manual settings, take time lapse videos and capture panorama pictures with the front camera. Other camera features you will see in the Alcatel Flash 2 includes Super Fine, HDR, Face Beauty, Multi-Angle, PIP (Picture in Picture) Mode and even create Live photo. I’ve yet tried all the features, will share more on Instagram when I do!

There’s also a dedicated shutter button for quick switch from phone to camera. Something you don’t find in many phones these days.

Exclusive gSight. Camera Technologies
The gSight. camera is born to deliver superior image quality. The 13MP Samsung S5K3M2 ISOCELL sensor, ƒ/2.0 aperture and 0.3 seconds Phase Detection Auto Focus provides fast, sharp and powerful camera experience. With RealTone flash gives an extra advantage in low light conditions while maintaining the colors as true as possible to real life.

Design to Be Profie Cam
For the Profie Cam. front camera, Flash 2 has the distinct LED flash, shedding light to the users’ selfies. With the advancement of the wider 84 degrees angle, selfie taking with families and friends improves tremendously as you can fit even more people into the photo, and never leave anyone out in capturing your special moments.

Robust 64-bit Octa-core Processor
Built with the incredibly powerful 64-bit octa-core 1.3Ghz Cortex-A53 MT6753 Processor along with the 2GB LPDDR3 SDRAM, the Flash 2 delivers robust performance for heavy duty usage. Users can multitask seamlessly. For peak graphic performance, the l Flash 2 comes with the Mali-T720MP4 GPU.

Pricing & Availability
The Flash 2 (Volcanic Grey) will be available on 4 December 2015 at M1 and Lazada Singapore for $199. Flash 2 flip cover and screen protector will be bundled as a standard in-box accessories.

Check out their website for full specifications and features at http://www.alcatelflash.com/flash-2/. Follow Alcatel OneTouch on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/ALCATELONETOUCHsingapore for latest information and promotions.

Buy the phone now on: http://www.lazada.sg/alcatel-flash-2/



Check out details on Alcatel OneTouch page on Facebook for contest details.

Review: Ub+ Bluetooth Speakers, Made In Singapore

Small in size, big in quality and powered by patented audio technology
Review: Ub+ Bluetooth Speakers, Made In Singapore

UB+ has launched a high-end portable Bluetooth speaker, UB+ Eupho, that delivers innovative design and high-quality sound. The audio quality is not sacrificed despite its compact size, solving the age-old dilemma between heavy-body speakers with superior sound and small speakers emitting inferior tunes.

Packaging of Ub+ Bluetooth Speakers with Expansion Casing

Review: Ub+ Bluetooth Speakers, Made In Singapore

UB+ Eupho is powered by the patented ORCHASTM Technology, which stands for Orchestrated Acoustic Structure, after three years of research. The resulting sound is so full-bodied and life-like, comprising all the naunces and details, as though a live performance is playing right in front of you.

Review: Ub+ Bluetooth Speakers, Made In Singapore

Unlike speakers of similar size, ORCHASTM enables UB+ Eupho to have zero vibration even at maximum volume, due to the components of the speaker (the driver and a pair of passive radiators) and the pressured air movements vibrating in orchestrated directions. These orchestrated vibrations balance each other out perfectly, thereby turning the energy that would otherwise be wasted through vibration into reinforced quality sound.


Stunning stereo sound can be achieved with two euphos.
Review: Ub+ Bluetooth Speakers, Made In Singapore

Review: Ub+ Bluetooth Speakers, Made In Singapore

Review: Ub+ Bluetooth Speakers, Made In Singapore

Review: Ub+ Bluetooth Speakers, Made In Singapore

Two speakers connected via the BuddyStereo jack, sound quality remains but the volume is boosted. Great for indoor parties! If you need even more power for your mega parties, connect multiple euphos to create incredible volume!

At a height and width of only 76mm by 53mm respectively and a battery life of up to 20 hours, UB+ Eupho definitely enables you to have high-quality sound anywhere, anytime, whether are you at a picnic, BBQ party or even working alone at home. UB+ Eupho also comes with multiple inputs, compatible with all your devices ranging from PCs to mobile phones and on all platforms.

Close Up of Ub+ Eupho Bluetooth Speaker

Review: Ub+ Bluetooth Speakers, Made In Singapore

Review: Ub+ Bluetooth Speakers, Made In Singapore

Review: Ub+ Bluetooth Speakers, Made In Singapore

The Expansion Casing allows users to enhance the sound through boosting the bass and amplifying the overall volume. By flipping the case around, it turns into a protective case for UB+ Eupho. In the pipeline are more expansion casing designs to suit different scenarios for the customer to choose from. See below for these new exciting products from UB+!

Watch and listen to the sound produced by the Ub+ Bluetooth Speakers.

Claud Talks Gadget Verdict

Personally I’ve been using X-mini speakers for sometimes, but most of the time I play music direct from my MacBook Pro and iPhone speakers because connecting the X-mini via audio jack makes mobility a little off. With the UB+ Bluetooth Speakers, I am a happy camper, I have Spotify on whenever I work at home, at family gatherings and even when spending quality time with family in the evening. With our favorite tunes playing through the UB+ speakers, everyone enjoy music better these days.

Comparing in-built speaker, the X-mini and UB+, I would go with UB+, I like the sound quality better. My family agrees too!

More User Reviews

I am impressed that even at maximum volume, the Eupho handles the sound pressure well, without any distortion or sonic vibrations, true to ORCHAS technology.” – Chester

The UB+ Eupho is a good looking mini Bluetooth speaker that delivers sound quality above its size category. There are many good things about this diminutive speaker.” – Zit Seng

Availability and Pricing

Available in two colours warm (grey and black), UB+ Eupho is now retailing at a price of $89.90, with a current promotional giveaway of the Expansion Casing with every purchase. UB+ Eupho is available at all Popular and TwoBros retail stores, as well as Courts Megastore Tampines and also retailing online on Amazon. For the updated list of current sales channels, visit www.ub-plus.com/stores.

Coming Soon – UB+ Soundbar and UB+ Stereo

Review: Ub+ Bluetooth Speakers, Made In Singapore

Review: Ub+ Bluetooth Speakers, Made In Singapore

About UB+

UB+ is a new Singaporean audio brand managed by TGI Technology Pte Ltd, a Singapore- based company with subsidiary manufacturing and R&D facilities in China.
The brand name UB+ is derived from the word “ubiquitous”, whereas the use of the “+” symbol represents our desire to constantly improve the functionality, quality and range of our products. Now available on Amazon.

Website: www.ub-plus.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/ubplussg
Twitter: @ubplussg
Instagram: @ubplussg