Me the Closet Ah Lian

It was a night of mayhem! A red and loud night where the closet Ah Lian in me was let loose. A night where I let my hair down and drank to my limit.

PUMA shoes
These were what we wore on our feet...

Everyone that night was PUMA-fied. Some to the extend of dressing from top to bottom all in Puma outfit all in red. It was Puma’s Red in My Head Circuit Party, in line with the F1 season. Free music, free party, free flow alcohol! With all the stress and tension within me for so long, all these were enough to squeeze out the ah lian in me.

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Experiencing F1 Night Race Singapore GP

ZOOM! ZOOM! ZOOM!!! That’s all I heard on Friday and Sunday. My eardrums hurt like hell can? But its all worth it because I got to experience my very first F1! In fact, this year, there were so many blogger related activities and invites surrounding F1, I’m sure some of you out there are feeling breathless after the long weekend of F1. So exciting right? Hope next year, FIA will recognise us as media and give us accreditation to attend F1 as press. Ok, I am dreaming… coming back to reality, here’s my experience with 2009 Formula 1 Night Race Singapore Grand Prix…

On Friday night, Abang and I headed over to catch the F1 drivers practice. Since its a practice day, the crowd was sparse. But this gave us the opportunity to enjoy the experience without having to squeeze with the crowd. Being able to stand up there on the roof top to watch the drivers practice is a big thing for us already. Real great feeling!

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